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    Mikes Camp, Kiwayu Island, Lamu Island, Kenya & Munira Island Camp Kiwayu, Lamu

    Mike’s Camp is a luxury exclusive beach camp located on Kiwayu Island, one of the many unspoilt, idyllic islands of the Lamu Archipelago, on the Kenya Coast. At Mikes Camp you are offered your own private island where you are safe and undisturbed. Surrounded by miles of soft white sand, turquoise waters and gorgeous coral gardens, it offers one of the only beaches in Kenya on which you can walk for miles without seeing a single soul. Mikes camp is an Eco Camp where water is brought by donkey and power comes from the wind and the sun. Mikes Camp Kiwayu Island has been quoted as one of the best properties on the Kenyan coast with a 7mile empty beach on one side of the camp and a sheltered creek on the other. Mikes Camp is a small friendly lodge built from local, renewable materials in the early 1990s. The camp blends into the environment and operates on solar and wind power. It is long and narrow: 20km long and 1km wide, with a pristine 9-kilometre-long beach. The island is one of the many small islands within the Kunga Marine National Reserve, which is a breeding ground for the green turtle and the endangered dugong. The unspoiled coral reefs to the east of the island provide fantastic snorkeling and diving. The island’s mangrove system offers good birding and light tackle fishing, and there are coves and caves to explore. When your boat cuts its engine at Mike’s Camp also known as Munira Island Camp, you know it’s time to turn the BlackBerry off, the dock at this Indian Ocean resort, perched on the spine of Kiwayu Island, off the coast of Kenya, is pure Gilligan’s Island, a stick and twine arrangement jutting out from the bush. It leads to a flight of stairs made of sand (I know, it doesn’t sound possible, but it is).


    Glancing back, past where you have just stepped off your boat, all you see are ribbons of water, green islands and sky. You’re climbing, but you’re also sinking into vacation mode. The guide tells you to lose your shoes so you can walk better in the sand. He takes your bag. And then you arrive, barefoot and maybe a little thirsty, which is perfect for the cold cocktail that is about to be thrust into your hand, at big thatched-roof bungalow. Everyone — and everything — is in total relaxation mode. Mike’s dog Tiger is prostrate on the palm-matted floor, a few fuzzy cats bask in the sun, and other than the shell mobiles tinkling in the breeze, everything is still. Mike’s Camp has a lot going for it — the Zen vibe, the tasty Swahili food, the beaches straight out of the paradise manual, and the bucket shower. Call it rough-lux. It’s located on a choice strip of the Kenyan coast that is wild and beautiful but gets very few visitors. While Lamu Island, another Indian Ocean island about 30 miles south of Kiwayu Island, has been thoroughly discovered, and the coastal city of Mombasa has the big beach hotels, countless backpackers and endless beach bars plus nagging beach boys, the long arm of the tourist trade has barely touched Kiwayu Island. There are just two exclusive resorts in Kiwayu, i.e. Mike’s Camp and Kiwayu Safari Village. Both are stunning but neither is especially easy on the wallet. And because of their seclusion and privacy, the two of them have become something of a hide-out for folks like Prince William and Mick Jagger. Kiwayu may be remote, but it is actually not all that hard to get to, Safari Link and Air Kenya are airlines based in Nairobi, makes stops in Kiwayu en route to Lamu if there are two or more passengers, which usually translates into daily service and an easy leg to add to any Kenya safari. Trolling the endless beaches is just one way to spend the day, other options include picnics, dhow sailing or game drives into the bush right behind the resort, which is teeming with lions, giraffes, buffaloes and elephants. But most guests, the manager said, “just sit back and read books and love it.” All the bungalows at mikes camp have priceless views, with miles of creeks and islands stretching to the west and the wide open Indian Ocean to the east, you could even see Somalia, whose border is about 25 miles north, though none of that country’s chaos seemed able to reach here. The resort is part of the Kiunga Marine National Reserve and home to sea tortoises and dugongs, a manatee like creature and you’re allowed to fish, and Mike can arrange boats, it’s easy to catch marlin, barracuda, swordfish, sailfish, wahoo, snapper and tuna. “It’s like a supermarket out there,” Mike’s Camp Lamu is a real Robinson Crusoe experience with huts made of palm matting. You run down through the sand dunes to a long empty beach with nobody else around, just small Bajuni coastal fishing communities at the far ends of the island. Kiwayu is great for exploring, snorkelling on the reefs, and breaking fresh oysters off coral outcrops.


    At night, you sit up in the dunes under the stars without another soul around. Mike Kennedy, who owns the camp, has a touch of island madness - and is playfully eccentric -, which will delight the children. Mike was enjoying life – an engineer with a good job and a family farm on the Kenyan mainland. He loved adventuring on his motorbike and fishing. But there was something missing. While on a motorbike journey up the coast around 20 years ago he found his missing piece: a sliver of coral and sand in the Lamu archipelago called Kiwayu, or ‘beautiful’ island. On it he built a simple lodge, using washed- up timber and palm thatch. He called it Kiwayu Munira, (beautiful moonlight), and used only nature to run the place – wind and solar power. With the exception of deep-sea fishing trips on request, all activities are non-motorised. It’s a place where you can wade out from the beach, don mask and fins and plop onto a coral reef. Or you could spend a few hours lost in amazement watching a Ridley’s green turtle come ashore to lay her eggs and then head out to sea again. Whether it’s the brilliant bright hues of the tropical day or the soft sheen of moonlight on water, Mike’s island casts a magical net of colours that trap unsuspecting visitors. And that’s the thing about Mike’s Camp. It’s really all about, well, Mike. He’s a cheery, freckled, 50-year-old Kenyan, whose father was a colonial tea farmer from Britain. He joined us for a snorkel and hung out with us afterward at the beach hut he built, strung with hammocks. He sipped a sundowner with us that evening, as the African sky glowed orange and purple and pink. During dinner, family-style, of course, he regaled you with stories about sailing up and down the Swahili coast and exploring little islands. Mike Kennedy is an impassioned innovator, having created the ultimate Crusoe-style bungalows spread over a high ridge on one part of Kiwayu's 14km (8 3/4-mile) spine.


    Since the island is only ever 1/2km (1/3 miles) wide, you get great views front and back, with the azure blue calm of the channel and the dense bush of the mainland on one side, and the mild crash of waves on the ocean side. With a wild, untamed beach (where turtles nest and local fishermen roam) to explore and play on all day (unusually for this coastline), waves that can be tackled with a boogie board, a sumptuous stars cape at night, villagers for neighbors, and a totally relaxed vibe, this is a marvelous place to escape, complete with eco-warrior instincts (not one tree was felled to create this place). The supersize bandas are rustic, back-to-basics creations, swathed head to toe in woven palm matting with dozens of open "windows" that can (and should) be rolled up to let in the views. You're asked to tether your doors only so that the donkeys that roam the island don't come inside and steal your water. The entire lodge is powered using wind and solar energy (your shower water is heated directly by the sun), and your bucket shower isn't the only bathroom appliance that must be filled manually). Besides offering his company at the bar, Mike (who's a bit of a Kenyan cowboy, known for letting his hair down and letting guests let theirs down, too) can key you in on some of the region's undiscovered snorkeling locations -- he knows loads of secret spots between here and the Somali border and can take you to some fabulous islands -- and will also interpret the blanket of stars for you. And for the rest, well, it's all about lazing in hammocks, reclining on daybeds, and finding your self free to do absolutely nothing at all. It’s your time to feel the rhythms of Kenya. There is a majestic catamaran gliding through the white sanded islets on the Kenyan coast, You can snorkel in the coral reefs off the beach on either side of the island, go sand yachting, kayaking, boogie boarding, sailing, water skiing, wake boarding, kite surfing, picnicking on neighboring remote coral islands, deep sea fishing, fly fishing and Mike might even take you on a motorbike spin up and down the long empty beach, Mike’s Camp in Kiwayu is a touch of luxury and the journey to Mikes camp is full of temptations, from the flight to Lamu and chilling at Peponi Hotel while waiting for Mikes camp speedboats for the transfer, Peponi Hotel terrace is a non stop party zone and it’s really hard to avoid getting sucked in to the Peponi hotel bar, Here you quickly fall into the trap of drinking cocktails called Old Pals. These are so expensive you have to sell your children to pay off the tab, The route to Kiwayu is north between mangrove-lined islands, past fishing villages and American Special Forces camps monitoring the border of Somalia just a few dozen miles away.


    The result is superb: a pristine Ocean, amazing birdlife and no crowds of ghastly tourists or Kenya’s latest form of pollution, which involves rich white people developing their nasty villas along the seashore. Mike’s camp is unmatched for its simplicity: coconut-thatch huts, hammocks made from old fishing nets and, actually, excellent food, desert island styled lodge, extremely eco-friendly but with all the necessary luxuries. Absolutely stunning, it is small, charming and simple, original and personal, with a relaxed atmosphere and absolute exclusivity at very reasonable rates. A great number of water sports are available, many of which are included in the price. The rooms are large and open-plan, with outstanding vantage view points and complete privacy. Guests are offered their own private island where they are safe and undisturbed. Surrounded by miles of soft white sand, turquoise waters and gorgeous coral gardens, the camp offers one of the only beaches in Kenya on which you can walk for miles without seeing a single soul. Each room is unique and has its own character, and the incredibly romantic setting makes it ideal for honeymooners. The rooms are all very spacious and an extra bed can be added to accommodate families and friends, if required. Munira Island Camp Kiwayu Ltd is also a fantastic place to hire exclusively for a totally memorable holiday. The Bandas all feature towels, toiletries, mosquito nets, en-suite bathrooms with hand-painted bucket showers and flushing toilets, and a daily laundry service, listen to the bird calls from your hammock, watch the monkeys from the day beds on your porch, or gaze at the star-studded sky, while safely snuggled up behind your mosquito net in your king-size bed. At Mikes Camp we are serious about security. There are 4 armed Police officers and 4 watchmen on 24 hours a day in the background. We have a monitored Raymarine Radar system which detects boats on a 40 kilometer radius. The camp is in constant radio and phone contact with other security personnel up and down the coastline. Two planes are stationed at Lamu airstrip (10 minutes by air) for emergencies. For more information about security please gat in contact with our office. For those who would like private security we can put you in contact with them, all security is in the background and hardly noticeable while you are enjoying your holiday.


    Mikes Camp Accommodation


    There are 7 comfortable and spacious bandas (rooms) on top of the sand dunes under the tortilis trees. All have magnificent panoramic views of the mangrove creek, or Indian Ocean and are set in total privacy from each other. Made by the villagers weaving matting from palms, the bandas blend harmoniously into the environment. They all come with towels, toiletries, mosquito nets, ensuite bathrooms with hand painted bucket shower and flushing toilets, and a daily laundry service. Your shower water comes by donkey from the well and is heated by the sun. Once all lit by oil lamps, all the rooms now have electricity and mobile phone reception, for those who like to keep in touch with the outside world. Each room is unique and has its own character. The incredibly romantic setting makes it ideal for honeymooners. The rooms are all very spacious, extra bed can be added to accommodate families and friends. Mikes Camp is also a fantastic place to hire exclusively for a totally memorable holiday. Mikes Camp is located on Kiwayu Island, one of the many unspoiled idyllic islands of the Lamu archipelago. Two degrees south of the equator along Kenya’s Northern coast, the archipelago is a chain of islands separated from the mainland by a narrow channel. The channel is bordered with dense mangrove forest and protected from the Indian Ocean by coral reefs and sand dunes. Kiwayu Island is by far the most beautiful place to stay, for it is stunningly undeveloped and remote. The island is 12 miles long and half a mile wide. There are two small villages on the island, although fresh water is scarce. The villagers make their living from fishing off the enchanting dhow boats, whose white sails glide across the horizon. The women weave matting from palm trees and create world famous art pieces from the colourful flip flops that wash up upon the shore. The area has been preserved in a state of natural beauty by the work of The Kenya Wildlife Service, who declared the surrounding 250 square miles a national marine reserve in 1979.


    Kiunga National Reserve provides the feeding and sheltering grounds for sea turtles, dugong, dolphins, whales, fish, and bird life. Adjacent to the marine reserve on the main land, are the Dodori and Boni National Parks, which whilst protected for African animals, have not yet been developed for tourism. We are in a fantastic location and well connected to arrange car and air safaris into these amazing reserves with hippo, crocodiles, elephants, buffalo and other African animals. Wake up with the sunrise as it lights up the world around you. Stroll across the dunes and have the first swim/snorkel of the day in the crystal clear, warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Once you have had your fill, head back into camp for a delicious English breakfast. After breakfast, before the heat of the day kicks in, indulge yourself in one of the many activities that the camp has to offer. At lunch time sit down to another mouth watering meal … mmm fresh crab or lobster! Then retire to your banda to relax while the heat of the day passes over head. At about 4pm head back down to the beach for another delicious dip in the ocean or another activity. As the sun goes down sail in the dhow or sit out on the star deck with an ice cold drink in hand and watch the sky become ablaze with all the beautiful colours of the sun set. Finally enjoy another gorgeous meal under the open African skies then crawl into your king size bed and let the sounds of the wind and the waves lull you to sleep.


    Mikes Camp Activities


    Mikes camp is situated in a location that offers a huge array of enjoyment. It stretches from being ideally romantic and relaxed to offer action packed family holidays with more than enough activity to keep kids and adults constantly entertained. Some people choose to stay here for two weeks because they feel there missing out if they don’t! The constant change of the tides throughout the month opens up different opportunities each day, exposing different reefs, beaches, ancient ruins, and natural caves all offering a new adventure. The winds and sea currents change throughout the year too, which satisfies different activities weather you’re a keen fisherman, diver or kite boarder. Every day satisfies those looking for a perfect empty beach, sunshine and warm blue sea. Or simply choose to relax in a hanging bed under a shady tree and absorb this gentle heaven. The beach side offers 7 miles of untouched beach with hammock and cushion clad beach huts for shade. Step off the beach and enjoy some of the best snorkeling around. Or take a walk up the beach and collect shells and discover caves along the rock pools and cliffs. Other beach activities include: sand yachts, kite boarding, body board surfing and beach kites. On the creek side a whole different ecosystem exists with fantastic bird watching on offer viewed from kayaks or dhows. Watch monkeys play on the shoreline or snorkel in different coral gardens. Learn to water-ski in glassy waters or swim off the jetty in the crystal clear calm water. Other creek activities include laser sailing, doughnut ting, banana boating and wake-boarding.


    Take in some Kiwayu culture the Swahili way by spending a morning in the local villages Chandani, and Kiwayu. The beauty of the island is that you can walk anywhere hassle free. All villagers are more than happy to welcome you in and show you how they live and maybe teach you some local crafts. Spend an hour or two fishing on local dhows, walk the mangroves and learn the traditional way of hunting mangrove crabs, discover some of our many hidden ancient ruins, find some treasure! Or take a day trip to the cultural town of Lamu for sightseeing, and great shopping. The wild side offers you a vast expanse of wilderness packed with mammals, fish and birds. Mike’s camp is lucky to be based in the Kiunga marine reserve with the Dadori and Boni on the mainland. We are thus surrounded by an abundance of wildlife protected by the government; cheetah, leopard, buffalo, antelope, hippo and the likes can be spotted on the mainland. Game drives are offered. On the island we can get small animals such as bushbuck porcupines, vervet monkeys, genet cats, caracals, servil cats, hyena occasionally swim over to the island and lion have been known to visit in the past. The marine mammals are seen in abundance. Whales migrate through from September to late January. Dolphins are seen throughout the year and often allow us swim with them. Turtles visit the island to nest in February onward and hatchlings begin in April through to September. (For more conservation information link to local conservation and community benefits.) Diving is fantastic from mid-October to mid-December and again from mid-January through to the end of March. In these months the wind drops and water clears offering very adventuress dives. The unspoilt archipelago does offer an abundance of fish life for the dive enthusiast with plenty of exciting species to tick off on the list as well as beautiful underwater terrain of drop offs corals and wrecks. Dive sites include a wreck dive, creek drift dives, and coral garden dives and off shore dives on the knolls. we have enough equipment for 8 divers. Steve Curtis of aqua ventures Watamu is our first choice instructor who will lead all dives. He is probably one of the best-known divers on the Kenyan coast. (Please pre notify us if you are interested in diving.) At mikes camp we regularly take our speedboats north or south to different snorkelling spots, and to empty beaches, coral caves and islands. This usually involves picnics of crab, lobster, fish caught on the way, bottles of rose and fresh oysters chipped off the rocks. If you wish you can camp overnight out on a beach. A day out on the Kyaks navigating the mangove channels and snorkelling in the coral gardens with Green turtles is also great local day trip. We have it all… to be enjoyed! Some of the best fishing on the Kenyan coast takes place a mile offshore Kiwayu island. This is a huge attraction to those serious fishermen. Mikes Camp has two smaller fishing boats at the camp that will take you out for a fun days fishing for sailfish, tuna, dorado, skip jack, wahoo, marlin etc. or creek fishing for snapper, rock cod, trivalli, bone fish (rare) and many more species. For those who wish to get serious i.e. Catch a sailfish on fly; we will book you onto a skippered deep sea fishing boat that operates in the area. Cheza, Shakina and little Toot all offer experienced and fun crew and an experience of a lifetime. (Link to rates) Early morning or late evening scenic flights with air Lamu in a five seated Cessna or a two-seated super cub is the true way to spoil yourself. This is an ultimate experience. Flying low over beaches and crystal clear seas and into the Dadori and Boni reserves buzzing over huge herds of buffalo or a pool of hippo and waving good morning to a Boni cattle herder as he lets his stock out of the kraal whilst listening to music through your earphones will give you that “out of Africa” memory. Top it off by landing on our beach for a champagne breakfast. Book through us. Yoga mikes camp has a calling for yoga enthusiasts with all the simple elements existing for the yogi in many of us. It is a perfect place to unwind. We offer relaxed hatha yoga classes for beginners to the more advanced. Classes are taken on the beach, in the banda’s, on the hills or on the creek jetty all surrounded in an abundance of beauty and calm. If we are putting on yoga week / weekend deals we will notify all on the blog. The camp will change its menu to satisfy vegetarian cuisine with all fresh fruits and vegetables supplied. Take a 3 day course in Kite boarding with some of Kenya’s top Kiters, Zan Woods, Max Melesi or Ollo Nicklin. These young professional kiters run a kite boarding business out of watamu and are set with boards and kites and ready to join you at Mikes Camp. Kiwayu provides a great variety of safe locations for kiters take the calm waters of the creek, the surf on the beach or kite off sand bars on the south end. Or for the more Adventures catch a dhow north to Kui Bay, camp overnight and kite all day. Let us know if your interested in kiting Courses in advance. Mikes Camp is also equip with kites and boards for those who have kiting experience


    Lamu Island Information


    Was there ever a more romantic island than Lamu? It lies in the Indian Ocean, perched just two degrees above the equator. All that separates it from the Kenyan mainland is a broad channel; a slither of midnight-blue water running through the mangroves. Yet Lamu exists in its own parallel world. Nowadays you can fly there from Nairobi in 80 minutes, but the moment you touch down on neighboring Manda Island, you are stepping back into the age of Sinbad. Here, on the burning rim of Africa, is a rickety wooden jetty, and at the end of it, a sailing dhow, waiting to take you on the ten-minute ride across the water. In the stern, as if too lazy to lift his hand, the skipper steers the tiller with his bare foot, heading out into the tideway towards Lamu's low-profile waterfront of coconut palms and flat-roofed houses. In many ways, Lamu is like a smaller version of Zanzibar, but with the added bonus of being simply the best known of a string of islands stretching north towards Kiwayu Safari Village and the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. This luminous world, half sea, half sky, is divided by low horizons of dunes and mangrove creeks, live turtles, pelicans, dugongs and whale sharks. From time to time, lions roam its lonely shores and sometimes elephants still wade across its sandy channels to next-door island Manda. A mile and a half beyond Lamu Town, where the channel curves to meet the open sea, the bone-white minaret at Shela village comes into view.


    Back in the 1960s, Lamu was something of a hippy hangout with the same stretched as Katmandu. Ever since, the island has attracted a colourful coterie of drifters and romantics, refugees from the outside world for whom its remoteness and laid-back attitude to life has made it an ideal sanctuary. As the years passed, its reputation spread. Lamu became an exotic bolt hole for discerning travelers who came to wash off the dust of Kenyan game-park safaris in the Indian Ocean. In 2001, Lamu town was designated a World Heritage Site. Even so, with its open drains and braying donkeys, Kenya's oldest inhabited town is an unlikely holiday choice for the A-list. There is only one car on the entire island and dhows are the only public transport. Besides, this corner of Africa follows the way of Islam, with a dress code that requires decorum and a score of mosques broadcasting the call to prayer five times a day. Nevertheless, the word is well and truly out. Lamu is the hottest new destination in East Africa. Property prices are soaring as the jet set move in, snapping up crumbling coral houses and transforming them into palatial Swahili-style villas with poolside swing beds and rooftop dining rooms. Celebrities who have fallen under Lamu's spell include Princess Caroline of Monaco and her husband, Prince Ernst August of Hanover, who have three villas and a beach house at Shela. Then there's Gillian Anderson of The X-Files, Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City - and Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood has holidayed on next-door Manda. The Manda is also an island of the Lamu Archipelago of Kenya, known for the prosperous 9th century ports of Takwa and Manda town. The island is now linked by ferry to Lamu and is home to Manda Airport, while Manda Toto Island lies to its west.


    The island is separated from the mainland by the narrow Mkanda channel. Manda town and Takwa were probably abandoned due to lack of water in the first half of the 19th century. In the 1960s the Kenya Department of Agriculture recommended building several concrete catchments called jabias to capture rain water on the island. Two jabias were built and many families moved onto the island, farming maize, cassava, simsim and cotton. Pate Island is located close to the northern coast of Kenya, to which it belongs. It is the largest island in the Lamu Archipelago, which lie between the towns of Lamu and Kiunga, close to the border with Somalia. From the seventh century, Pate Island was an early site of Arabic colonisation. It long vied as a Swahili port with Lamu and with Takwa on Manda Island and came to prominence around the fourteenth century, but was subjugated by Lamu in the nineteenth century. Kiwayu is a small island in the eastern part of the Lamu Archipelago, situated in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. The main economic activity is fishing, and there is one school, no clinic and one well on the island. The main attractions for tourists on Kiwayu are the tidal pools and snorkeling/diving pools located on the eastern side of the island. The nearest hospital is on Lamu Island outside of Lamu town. The archipelago contains several archaeological/historical sites of great significance, such as Takwa and Manda Town -both on Manda Island-and Shanga -on Pate Island-. Some have been partially excavated in later years, shedding important new light on Swahili history and culture. Etton travel and tours organizes safaris to all these islands any time of the year. Kiwayu is easily accessible by air from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport. SafariLink Aviation offers daily flights, from mid-December until mid-April and from July until the end of October, provided there are at least two passengers. Tourists need a visa to enter Kenya, which can be purchased on arrival for $50. (Many prices are given in United States dollars, which businesses readily accept.) You can also hire a speedboat or dhow (a traditional sailboat) to Kiwayu from Lamu, a popular tourist destination 30 miles to the south. Speedboats take about one and a half hours and cost approximately $350. Dhows take about six hours and set you back $220.


    There are only two resorts. The more luxurious is Kiwayu Safari Village, on Kenya’s mainland across the bay from Kiwayu Island, consisting of 18 thatched-roof bungalows strung along the shore, plus one off-shore honeymoon suite on Kiwayu Island. All are open-air and decorated with bright cloths, pillowed hammocks and traditional Swahili furniture. Italian meals with a coastal flair are served in the main lodge. Bookings can be made through this website by contacting tour travel consultants; the cost is $700 a night per couple, including all meals. Higher rates apply over the year-end holiday period, and there is an additional $20-a-day conservation fee. Payment can be made by credit card, although bank transfers are preferred. The resort is closed during the rainy season, April 15 to July 31. Mike’s Camp, also known as Munira Island Camp, is on Kiwayu Island itself. The trip by motorboat from Kiwayu Safari Village takes about 15 minutes. The camp has only seven rustic bungalows nestled along the ridge of the island, with exceptional views of the Indian Ocean to the east and watery mangrove forests to the west. Mike Kennedy, the resort’s personable owner, gives this place a relaxed, homey feel. A bungalow with full board is $440 a night for two people The resort is closed May through the middle of July. Kiwayu is a great place for relaxing with a good book and a fruity cocktail. Or taking long walks on the beach, either toward a deserted cove or a fishing village. For water lovers, there’s snorkeling, water-skiing, boogie-boarding, windsurfing, sailing and deep-sea fishing. The two resorts are smack in the middle of the Kiunga Marine National Reserve and the Dodori and Boni reserves, where you can see cheetahs, giraffes, lions and elephants. Kiwayu has a dry arid temperature for most of the year there is little to no humidity. There is plenty of sunshine and during the Months of late May to July we have annual rains. The camp closes from Mid May to the end of June. We have little problems with Malaria but sleep with Mosquito nets anyway. Mikes Camp supports the local communities by outsourcing activities, buying local flip flop art and all materials used to build with. When tourists are here the community profits. We have an account for donations that goes to specific local projects that the communities need.


    Mikes Camp runs a beach clean up program that constantly works up and down the beach collecting and disposing the litter that comes in with the tides. This project is kindly sponsored by Lonnie and has been running for several years now. Mikes Camp has just been offered the opportunity to have a local conservation enthusiast trained by Watamu turtle watch. This young man, Athman Bwana, is preparing to go to watamu for a month’s intensive course on the correct methods of securing turtle nests and collecting data on endangered species Turtles, Dugong and Whale sharks included. He will be informing on local ongoings and the data will then be transferred on to Watamu turtle watch who will put this into there world wide net of information. From this we will have an active scout who will work full time and hopefully put an end to any illegal on goings in the area. We are currently looking for funding for his wages, his training and travel costs are covered.


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    We have hand picked the world's best private-island resorts in Lamu as well as many such private islands all across Kenya, from the surprisingly accessible to the beautifully exotic. Any of these private islands holds the promise of the dream escape, where you can have the luxury amenities of a resort while still feeling like the island is all yours. Discover your own private island in Lamu, where paradise and luxury come together as one. Our five star resorts are for the discriminating few who demand the best life has to offer. We invite you to spend enchanting evenings and unforgettable days overlooking the Indian Ocean from your private villa, Privacy and exclusivity often rank high on a luxury holiday traveler’s list of priorities. For those looking for something truly indulgent, discrete and filled with luxury, we have compiled a list of the most extravagant Lamu private island. These islands offer the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity. Beginning at a paltry Usd 20,000 and quickly soaring to incredible heights, this list is so exclusive that Bill Gates barely managed to crack the top five. (Prices are approximate and fluctuate dependent on season and number of guests. Stated prices are for a 7-night stay for 4 and include the cost of exclusive use of the island.) Only the most exclusive luxury hotels are set on their very own private islands and our recommendation lists for Best beach Resorts on Private Islands features some of the worlds most elite hotels and resorts. Beach resorts on private tropical islands top this list of these exclusive hotel properties which offer peace and discretion while still providing the most modern convinces and services. Some of these private island resorts have more staff members than guests to ensure that anyone who visits these private island resorts has an amazing experience. For those who aren't looking for beach resorts, Lamu hotels secluded on their own private island and only a boat ride away from bustling city center of Lamu Old Town are included in this list, from Exclusive 5 Star Private Island Holidays & Vacations. Luxury and exclusive private islands offering total tranquility and seclusion for holidays & vacations, weddings, honeymoons, celebrations, corporate incentives. These five star private islands are perfect as a celebrity getaway or an exclusive vacation for the rich and famous. Small Luxury Hotels, Luxury Villas and Yachts for your private and exclusive hideaway. Exclusive Private Island Holidays - Peace and tranquility is something you can pretty much guarantee on your Private Island.


    The remote location keeps you away from unwanted disturbances and where you can create the atmosphere you want. However, a Private Island can also be your playground. From beach volleyball, to scuba diving, from luxury yacht, from tranquil local beats to your private evening party. Welcome to your exclusive island holiday. Our exclusive 5 star private islands are also perfect for a small luxury wedding or celebration. Get your family and friends together and married with panoramic seascapes as your backdrop. Kick off your shoes and feel the pristine white sand between your toes as you walk down the aisle. During your wedding, your concierge will work with you in anticipation of your arrival to prepare everything to your satisfaction and ensure a stress-free union, and select the most appropriate officiator in accordance with your lifestyle and preferences. If what you want is utter seclusion and perfect peace, in a location off-limits to everyone but the resort staff and a few other guests, then a private island is the only place to go, Private Ocean Islands is the fulfillment of our dream to provide you, the discerning traveler with a showcase of luxurious, privately owned or singly developed tropical island getaways as well as exclusive luxury resorts on a selected few tropical islands located in the Indian Ocean. This is a collection of private island holiday options and luxury resorts that has been chosen as they represent the luxury of escapism and offer those privileged enough an option to leave the world behind for a chosen moment in time – that is a luxury few will ever know. Private Ocean islands were borne through our association with Lamu Island, one of the most exclusive private island developments in the world. We present you with a choice of some of the most exclusive islands and resorts in the Indian Ocean that not only offer the luxuries that one has come to expect from a once in a lifetime holiday, but with the remoteness that allows one’s soul to rejuvenate and revive. This is the ensemble of the Indian Ocean offering serenity, purity, peace, timelessness, elegance, spice and privacy!


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