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    Lamu Island Honeymoon Holidays & Romantic Beach Wedding Vacation

    The advent of civilisation can often disturb the allure and simplicity of paradise. To delight in ultimate luxury there usually has to be sacrifice. But what if we want it all . . . to experience an untouched natural beauty on an island in the far reaches of the Indian Ocean, without leaving behind the sophistication that modern life has to offer . . .

    Lamu Island is calling, considered to be of the most pristine and untouched islands still around today, blessed with one of the world’s best climates, and miles of unblemished beaches, Lamu Island is a refuge for romance, adventure and pampered relaxation. When we think about post-wedding getaways, beach honeymoons seem to be among the first images that pop into our minds, and rightfully so. After months of planning the biggest production of your life, sweating over details and where to seat your guests, now imagine yourself strolling on a beach hand-in-hand with your loved one, warm sand between your toes.... Needless to say, some relaxed one on one time with your partner is an important step in starting your life together, and it doesn't hurt when the backdrop is a fantastical beach paradise. We've rounded up our favorite spots around Lamu for a honeymoon holiday, and if you have any additional ideas we'd love to hear them. There are times when a budget holiday just doesn't cut it: romantic honeymoons, a trip to propose, anniversary getaways, a celebratory retirement vacation – they are all luxury holidays which merit splashing out on. But sadly the words "luxury", "holiday" and "cheap" rarely go together. But for those of us whose honeymoon vacations dreams are bigger than our budgets, are there any ways to enjoy the high life for less? A luxury honeymoon holiday isn't so much about the travel destination but the experience of where you stay," "To some a luxury holiday will mean glamping; to others it will be a five star resort in Lamu. But ultimately it comes down to a comfortable bed, a great shower, good food and great decor that makes your trip feel special and as if you have pushed the boat out a bit.

    It is entirely possible to find this at an affordable price." The most simple and quickest way to cut costs for luxury honeymoon trips is to look for end of season breaks (now is a particularly good time to secure autumn deals), book cheap budget flights as soon as you can (the money you save can go towards your accommodation in Lamu), "It's a case of clever travel," You should definitely use your honeymoon holiday to Lamu to your advantage," "It's the one time you are most likely to reap the benefits of being a little cheeky. It's always worth asking our travel consultants if there's anything better they can offer you as honeymooners." If it's not a special occasion, but you still want all the trappings of a luxury hotel – stunning decor, peace and quiet, a private terrace and spa – but at a price you can afford, think about reducing the length of your stay. If 10 nights away will take you over budget then it's a no brainer to go for seven or five nights instead. "Reduce the honeymoon time, rather than the quality, of your stay," Since we are the experts on lamu honeymoon vacations and romantic getaways for couples, we know a thing or two about honeymoon hotels with style and substance. Idyllic beach retreats that offer the tropical-fantasy honeymoon packages, we spend weeks every year visiting the properties and destinations that we sell. We only recommend honeymoon resorts that we have personally visited, and I maintain a personal relationship with the staff on resort. We expect that our clients will be treated as VIPs. So you say your honeymoon was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bathed in delicate light you both saw stars as time stood still and the world around you faded into the azure horizon. It was an escape you’ll never forget. Sighhhhhhh. Well, before we all succumb to nostalgia, let’s take a moment to ponder this: who said once-in-a-lifetime couldn’t happen twice? Life is long and love comes again, after all.

    This is why we’ve decided to lend you a hand in figuring out how to experience once-in-a-lifetime all over again—only better—with our top picks for dream Second Lamu honeymoon holiday, You’ve finally re-tied the knot, so grab your mama and speed off to an idyllic lover’s paradise where the turquoise water’s cool and the golden sun is shining. Check your palm pilot, suit and tie at the door as you strip down to a bikini and swim trunks to get to the business of spending the day lounging on immaculate sands that stretch for miles along the stunning Lamu coastline. Listen to the delicate lullaby of foamy waves breaking gently near your intertwined toes, as the hours seem to pass by in mere seconds. Drink each other in as you sip on rum and watch the soft last rays of the setting sun. And when that glimmering ball of fire finally drops below the horizon, head back inside to your lavish cottage in Lamu, where call room service for breakfast (and maybe even lunch) in bed. Here we offer packages and ceremonies to suit all budgets and tastes, from Lamu weddings and renewal of vows to Lamu Honeymoon safaris, we have a dedicated Weddings Team and you will receive your own personal wedding co-coordinator from our award-winning team of specialists who have been planning weddings in Lamu for over 12 years!

    Honeymoon Hotels in Lamu

    Kipungani Explorer Lodge

    Kipungani Explorer LodgeView Gallery

    Kipungani Explorer Lodge

    Kipungani Explorer Lodge is a beautiful beachfront eco-friendly lodge in Lamu Island and Shela Beach, Lamu Fort plus Manda Beach are just a few of the attractions to be found in the region. Kipungani Explorer Lodge overlooks the tranquil waters of the sheltered Kipungani Channel on the remote south-western tip of Lamu Island on the south-east coast of Kenya. Kipungani is the Swahili word for 'the place of fresh air'. Read More

    Kizingoni Beach

    Kizingoni BeachView Gallery

    Kizingoni Beach

    Kizingoni Beach is a striking beach front villa in Lamu Island and it stands at the southern tip of Lamu Island, on the far end of Shela Beach - famous for its 24 kilometers of wild, untouched seashore and ancient sand dunes that have recently been designated part of the Lamu World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Remote and peaceful, it is a 20-minute boat ride from Lamu town and Manda airstrip, approximately a one hour and forty minute flight from Nairobi Read More

    Majlis beach hotel

    Majlis beach hotelView Gallery

    Majlis beach hotel

    The Majlis beach hotel is a beautifully positioned boutique hotel behind a long stretch of sandy beach, there is a large garden so the hotel feels spacious with numerous private areas to relax in, there are two pools, lovely lounge areas to curl up with a book reading area, restaurant, bar and a massage area, The Majlis beach hotel is designed with a mix of different artistic influence and a strong Arabic undertone with African artifacts and a Moroccan edge as well that looks stylish and fresh and a real breath of fresh air to Lamu Read More

    Manda Bay Hotel

    Manda Bay HotelView Gallery

    Manda Bay Hotel

    Manda Bay Hotel is a small boutique beach hotel located on the north western tip of Manda Island, one of the many unspoiled, idyllic islands of the Lamu Island archipelago, an exclusive resort, Manda Bay offers barefoot luxury and informal pampering, Manda Bay Hotel is an exclusive boutique beach resort overlooking the Indian Ocean, it is one of the most delightful locations to stay on the entire East African coastline catering for everyone from families to Read More

    Red Pepper House

    Red Pepper HouseView Gallery

    Red Pepper House

    If relaxation and indulgence are what you are looking for then The Red Pepper House, located on Lamu Island is somewhere to escape to. Lamu Island is a world heritage site situated within an archipelago off the coast of Kenya and a stone's throw from the historical town of Lamu. Lamu has managed to stay unspoilt and untouched by mass tourism and has retained all the charm and character built up over the centuries. The Red Pepper House is an exquisite boutique beach hotel built with traditional Swahili Read More

    Shela House

    Shela HouseView Gallery

    Shela House

    Shela House owns four private villas in Shela Village on Lamu: the Beach House Lamu, the Shela House Lamu Island the Garden House and Palm House Lamu Island. Both Shela House Lamu Island and Palm House are located in Shella village. It is here that Shela House Management has been running private holiday homes since 1992. The houses are designed to offer visitors a completely relaxing holiday in unusually luxurious yet eco-friendly setting. The company was a pioneer of the village clean-up committee Read More

    Lamu Island Information

    “Vacations are taken in the name of love” said Kyla Mackenah; a travel writer with Conde Nast Traveler when she visited Lamu Island, We search the world over trying to find romantic locales that evoke a blissful, intimate and perfect retreat with no single interruption from our everyday lives. Certain locations lend themselves quite easily to this said romance, but others are more discreet and off-the-beaten path, Lamu Island is one of them, located in the Indian Ocean just off the east coast of Kenya, this tropical island is quiet and peaceful with a laid-back atmosphere. Established in the 14th century, the largest town is Lamu Town, described by the World Heritage List as "the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa." Here travelers will find distinguishing architecture, carved doors, narrow streets, several mosques and bui bui clad women.

    Automobiles are not allowed on the island of Lamu, so expect to travel the old-fashioned way - on foot. Donkeys can also be hired for transportation, but dhows are the most common ways of getting around. These boats of Arabian origin are widely used on the East African Coast and there are about 250 between the mainland and the archipelago. Dhow safaris frequently carry paying passengers back and forth from Lamu town to Shela Village and can be used to access the neighboring islands of Manda Island, Siyu, Pate and Kiwayu Island. The dhow rocks gently at anchor, riding that strange blue membrane between clear air and clear water, and your mind wanders. You’ve reached one of those places on Earth that is far from everything. Across the channel is Lamu town, an Afro-Arab town of whitewashed stone, narrow alleyways, and intricately carved doorways. Once popular with hippies and over Landers, Lamu is a holiday destination that is still hard enough to get to that it feels like your very own discovery. No sound of traffic drifts to you over the water because there are no cars on these islands, which hug the Kenya coast not far from the Somali border. Your crew has spent the afternoon skillfully tacking their lateen-rigged wooden craft down to Shela Beach and then across to Manda Island, where a fire is now crackling on a secluded stretch of white sand between stands of mangrove. You feel a tug at your fingers and, hand over hand, with the crew cheering; you pull in your tiny, shimmering contribution to the evening meal.

    Lamu is an interesting, historic place to visit, attracting lots of visitors year round. The ancient town has narrow winding streets, historic mosques, a fort, colourful markets and uses donkeys and dhows for transport with barely any sight of advanced modern technology. The slow pace of life here, magnificent and uncluttered beaches and the rich culture make this an exotic place to visit where time seems to stand still; the perfect place for honeymooners and couples. One cannot talk about Lamu without mentioning the street life, as there are no cars so one has to walk everywhere—it’s part of the allure of Lamu. On these narrow high-walled streets, there is barely enough room to squeeze by fat tourists let along a donkey cart piled high with cement bags or fruit for sale down the coast. The donkeys seem to have free range of the streets and one can often see them leaning up against a coral rag wall, sleeping out of the hot rays of the equatorial sun. One has to be careful of these open sewers especially at night when there is no power and you have to guide yourself by flashlight down the narrow streets. Local men shuffle by in their white kanzus or brightly covered kikois or kangas, with a Swahili cap atop and patchy shirts. The Lamu women who are Muslim are usually fully covered with a black abaya and are called Bui Bui. All manner of commerce takes place on the crowded streets as well as gawking by tourists. When the sun isn’t too strong, it was easy to saunter off up the narrow streets, past the main dock en route to the sandy beach road to get to the sand dunes and famous white, sandy beach just past Shela. Once there, you might stop at the very expensive, exclusive Peponi’s Hotel for a mid-day Schweppes’s Bitter Lemon under an umbrella to get out of the fierce sun. Peponi’s is just opposite Manda Island Beach Resort and the area that has received so many awards lately.

    Lamu is a place like no other, a peaceful tropical island where life is lived at its own relaxed rhythm, but a place whose history is as mysterious and fascinating as the winding streets of its medieval stone town. The island itself is a beautiful place of rolling dunes and endless beaches, where tiny villages nestle among coconut and mango plantations and lateen sailed dhows ply the waters. But Lamu’s real attraction is its Old town. The town of Lamu began life as a 14th century Swahili settlement, but the island has seen many visitors and influences, including Portuguese explorers, Turkish traders and the Omani Arabs. All left their mark, but Lamu developed its own particular culture, which has ultimately endured. Lamu’s narrow streets remain unchanged, and in the markets and squares around the fort life moves at the same pace as it always has. There are no vehicles on this island, and the donkey and the dhow remain the dominant form of transport. The people of Lamu are great believers in tradition and custom, and this is a strong society built on a respect for the past. For the traveller, Lamu is a hypnotically exotic experience, made even more enjoyable by the relaxed and welcoming attitudes of the locals. To visit Lamu is to enter another world, and the visitor finds themselves becoming a part of this world. Life slows down, and long days are spent strolling along the waterfront, exploring the town or relaxing on the beaches. Dhow safaris can take you beyond Lamu into the surrounding archipelago, where isolated villages, ancient ruins and a few luxurious and exclusive resorts lie hidden among the islands of Manda, Siyu, Pate and Kiwayu. This idyllic island speaks to the heart and soul, and a trip to Lamu is a romantic experience that can become a lifelong affair.

    The winding streets of the towns are best explored on foot. Shela village and the beaches are also accessible by foot. Alternatively dhows regularly carry paying passengers back and forth from Lamu town to Shela. To access the surrounding islands of Manda, Pate or Siyu, either takes an organized Dhow Safari or for the adventurous traveler, just hitch a ride on a passing dhow and explore. It is also possible to hire donkeys to ride around the island. To get to Lamu entails a longish, bumpy bus ride from Malindi or a shorter flight into the small airport on the mainland. Only a few hardy travellers or locals take the coastal bus these days—most others fly into Lamu. There are daily flights that service Lamu, either from Mombasa, Malindi or Nairobi. Sometimes, if you book online through us, there is always a holiday package deal that involves flight and accommodation. Either way, each trip ends at Makowe on the mainland and your trip has not ended as you still have to take a dhow to get to Lamu town. Hire a licensed guide to give you a tour of town from a native's perspective. He will be able to highlight some of the area's attractions - such as the Lamu Museum and the Meat Market - and offer restaurant and lodging suggestions. Lamu boasts some of the freshest seafood in the world; hire a fishing guide and catch your own.

    Lamu Island played a major role in trade between Eastern Africa and Arabia for hundreds of years. As a result, a majority of the population is Muslim, confirmed by the numerous mosques found on the island. The most famous is the Riyadha Mosque, the gathering place for the Maulidi Festival. This four-day religious celebration of the Prophet Mohammed's birth typically takes place in early June. Although Lamu natives are used to underdress tourists, it is respectful to cover your arms and legs when walking in the town. If you are visiting during Ramadan, the local Muslims will be fasting and most restaurants will be closed. Be aware that it is not a good idea for tourists to be seen eating in public during this holiday.

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