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    Majlis Hotel Manda Island Lamu & Majlis Resort Lamu Island Kenya Africa

    Idyllic, luxurious, stylish, unique, the Majlis resort is a privately-owned luxury beach resort on Manda Island in the Lamu archipelago off Kenya’s Northern Coast. The beach resort is named ‘Majlis resort ' after the Arabic term for an exceptionally luxury and special place, where the host traditionally entertains and looks after his most important guests in utmost style and comfort. Lulu always says that pictures speak louder than words and the beautiful boutique hotel that is The Majlis Hotel is the perfect example of this, not only do we love these photos, but they represent the true and real image of The Majlis Hotel and what guests will experience during their stay on the Lamu archipelago. This small luxury beach hotel faces Lamu Island and is just 15 minute boat transfer included in the accommodation price from the Manda Island airstrip and 10 minutes from Lamu Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. With a superb beachfront location and breathtaking views over the Ras Kitau bay and Shela village, it offers the perfect setting and the ideal location for barefoot luxury holiday, informal pampering and excellent cuisine. Seen from across the water in Shela, the new Majlis beach resort is an incongruous sight, an architectural mélange that ignores all the rules, get closer and you discover a fascinating hideaway with posh digs set right on the beach, this Majlis beach resort represents probably the largest tourism investment of capital in the Lamu Island – ever, the whole place has been put together like some kind of rock star's pleasure palace, divided into three villas, each with a number of suite-size rooms and even sexier suites filled with an incredible collection of artwork (some commissioned and some collected), artifacts (from antiques to African crafts), and eye-catching furniture. However, they've stuck to the spirit and charm of East African coastal design while including contemporary elements and all the comforts you'd expect from a top-end luxury pad such as gracious lounges, a relaxing bar, meandering water features, and all manner of exciting activities to keep things interesting -- don't pass up a chance to visit the Takwa ruins and then cycle back stopping at the Timboni coral rock mines along the way.


    The Majlis beach hotel is a beautifully positioned boutique hotel behind a long stretch of sandy beach, there is a large garden so the hotel feels spacious with numerous private areas to relax in, there are two pools, lovely lounge areas to curl up with a book reading area, restaurant, bar and a massage area, The Majlis beach hotel is designed with a mix of different artistic influence and a strong Arabic undertone with African artifacts and a Moroccan edge as well that looks stylish and fresh and a real breath of fresh air to Lamu, there is nothing in the area of its sort, the stunning rooms are spacious with traditionally high beamed ceilings, large windows and terraces with spectacular views of the beach, garden, swimming pools and the Indian Ocean, with dhows sailing past. The Majlis resort Lamu is suitable for families and couples alike, as there are interconnecting rooms and beds can be added into rooms for small children, there is also a jungle gym and children's play area. If you are the active sort you can spend the days sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing and heading into Lamu and Shela Towns. Alternatively, for those that just want to completely relax and unwind it is the perfect beach escape. The Majlis was a family home that evolved into a boutique hotel, it’s hard to believe looking at it today, but The Majlis resort Lamu Island was never meant to be a resort. A private African home- away-from-home; it was built as a family retreat from the pressures of the world – a place to spend precious time with friends. The story begins in 2000, when an Italian gentleman known as ‘Nanni’ and his wife Elena were on a global quest to find the perfect place to escape from the cold European winters. Having traveled extensively, they realized that Africa held a special place in their hearts. They had journeyed its length and breadth, exploring its remote wildernesses and delighting in the diversity of its people. For many years they had owned a textile factory in Ethiopia, so now, in the twilight years of their lives, they wondered if Kenya may offer the haven they sought. Landing in Lamu, they watched the white-sailed dhows glide up the blue water of the Manda Channel, the patient trains of donkeys ferrying sand in baskets on their backs; the black-cloaked figures of the Swahili ladies; and the jade green domes of the island’s many mosques. They realized that on this remote and beautiful island, time had almost stood still. They had found the ‘home’ they were looking for.


    Staying in the small village of Shela, Nanni gazed across the glittering reaches of the channel towards Ras Kitau Bay on Manda Island. Serene and beautiful, he was surprised to note that there were no houses on the pristine stretch of beach. Back in Italy, he found he couldn’t get the image of Manda out of his mind. Eventually, he decided to return and bought a single plot of land. Embarking on his new challenge, he first built a small house; then, thinking that his three sons and their families would join them, he bought another plot of land and expanded their house into a villa. Built from local bleached-white coral blocks and delicately styled to reflect a fusion of Italian style and Swahili culture, the villa rose elegantly above the silver sands. Inside, Nanni and his interior designer Armando Tanzini filled the rooms with delicate Swahili niches, intricate fretwork, luscious rugs, hand-made furniture and an eclectic collection of art, sculpture and carvings. Friends came from all over the world to stay. One of them, the artist and film director Julian Schnabel, provided the inspiration for certain architectural elements of the villa. Schnabel also used local dhow sails, faded by the wind and sun, to act as canvasses for his flamboyant paintings, which now hang on the pure white walls of the central drawing room, alongside the work of a myriad of local artists, Swahili craftsmen and internationally recognized artists. In 2005, the villa was finally complete. A fabulous party was thrown in celebration and everyone marveled over the purity and style of the cream-hued coral palace that stood on the sands at the tip of the Lamu archipelago. Two years later, two more villas were built for family friends, and then at the last minute, almost by chance, the family decided to combine the two villas and the main family villa to create a ‘boutique hotel’ on Lamu, thus providing an entirely new and unique accommodation option. The family decided to add an open-air restaurant with a rooftop bar equidistant between the various villas. The rooftop was constructed in a traditional Swahili style, fanned by the cool breezes that wafted through its open sides, and shaded by a soaring Makuti (palm thatch) roof. Rising starkly elegant above the surrounding weave of grey-green mangrove swamps and bone-white sands, the roof features over one million palm leaf ‘tiles’ clothing a central structure of locally sourced mangrove. Debating what to call the emerging resort, Nanni remembered how a friend had remarked on the fact that the main villa had one reception room inside the house for the family and another eclectic Indian-styled pavilion on the beach for receiving honored guests. ‘It’s called a Majlis,’ said the friend. ‘The Arabic word refers to a beautiful place reserved especially for entertaining honoured guests in the Muslim community’. ‘Perfect,’ said Nanni. ‘Since Lamu used to be a Protectorate of Oman, we must honor the local community. We shall call it The Majlis’. Officially opened in October 2009, The Majlis Hotel Lamu Island welcomed its first guests that Christmas. Designed to offer an African ‘home-from-home’ for all who visit, The Majlis was built with love and finished in beauty. Not intended as a beach hotel, it still isn’t one; it’s simply a very special place in which our honoured guests can feel absolutely at home. The Majlis is a small luxury beach resort; it has a superb sea front view that will make the guests mesmerized with the charm and activities of Lamu. The Majlis Hotel Lamu Island blends seamlessly with its islands surroundings making use of its natural resources and traditions including hand carved timber and white coral blocks.Each of the hotel’s air-conditioned rooms are unique in character and style and features traditionally high beamed ceilings and terraces with spectacular views of the beach, landscaped gardens or mangrove forests. Tastefully designed and decorated to reflect the heritage of East Africa, The Majlis houses an exquisite private collection of art mixing local traditional influences with a contemporary twist.


    The Majlis Resort Lamu Kenya is a simply stunning property and is ideal for pure relaxation or some ocean adventure after exciting Kenya safari vacations. Majlis Resort location is extremely convenient if you have chosen a holiday to Tanzania or Kenya safari) Given that The Majlis occupies a substantial portion of the beachfront on Manda Island and stands out like a beacon on the horizon of both Lamu Town and its more up market neighbour, Shela, you might initially find such a claim hard to believe. Even harder when you realize that the majestic scope of this so-called 'boutique hotel' includes a glittering-white Roman villa in which local legend insists ‘Brangelina' have slept, a bar housed in what appears to be a reconstruction of Bombay's famous 'Gateway to India' arch; a fortified entrance with twin cannons, two sugar-plantation-styled villas, and a plethora of facilities that any other hotelier would be all too quick to describe as a 'beach resort and spa'. You have to see it to believe it. And once you've seen it, you HAVE to stay in it. Trouble is, it may spoil you for all other options. There's a curious feeling of being very much ‘at home' in a gilt-edged alternative reality. There's no check-in desk, the staff behave like butlers, the food is superb, and when you are not splashing languidly in one of ‘your' ‘pools (where a man waits solely to hand you a towel), you can paddle the mangroves, croon to the parrots, do the ‘jungle gym', sail the bay, try the spa or choose from activities that include; dhows, deep-sea fishing, water sports, biking, cultural visits and game drives on the mainland. Alternatively you can saunter along the pristine beach to the 17th century fort, where two cannons lie looking blind-eyed out to sea. Federico tried to buy them to guard The Majlis' portico, but when negotiations became too fraught, he simply had them copied in glass-fiber and mounted alongside the ‘Gateway to India'. The Majlis Hotel is a beachside paradise for grown ups and children alike. The Majlis Hotel Lamu offers elegant and luxurious accommodation, in understated design complementing the natural beauty of Lamu and its tropical location. The beach hotel comprises 25 superbly-appointed Superior rooms, deluxe rooms, junior rooms and Royal suites divided into 3 villas. Villas may be taken in there entirety and are very suitable to private parties of friends and family. Each of Majlis villas opens onto the white sand beach and boasts a private veranda with panoramic sea views. The rooms are spacious with traditionally high, beamed ceilings, large windows and terraces with spectacular views of the beach, garden, swimming pools and Ras kitau Bay to the Indian Ocean. Each villa was constructed making use of the archipelago’s natural resources, combining white coral blocks with hand-carved timber. Particular attention was paid to integrating the Majlis villas among the indigenous trees and plants, to enhance the preserve the beauty of the local surroundings. All are tastefully designed and decorated to reflect the heritage of East Africa. The shared areas are beautifully kept with stunning and of the hotel's art, which includes an enormous elephant head sculpture by Armanndo Tanzini. There is a dizzying array of room size, with the rooms offered either as superior or deluxe, and the suites as junior or royal. Nonetheless, whatever the room each contains a four poster bed, a seating area, and a changing area. The style is restrained, with carefully chosen artifacts, one or two hand-woven rugs, and furniture that is as well designed as it is comfortable and there is a general feeling of space. It is recommend that you request the "original" house and the Junior Suite which overlooked this pool and from the room there is a private staircase to the roof and one can enjoy the evening breeze and look at the stars above. With gorgeous views across the channel toward Lamu island, this is the most spacious and sumptuously designed restaurant in the archipelago, with a chichi upstairs terrace-style bar and an excellent, varied menu featuring fresh seafood, salads, pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and a range of international dishes. Expect an ever-changing menu: Catalan-style lobster with roasted vegetables spaghetti with seafood, tempura of jumbo prawns with ginger and tamarind sauce, tagliata of tender sirloin steak. A free boat shuttle operates from Shela jetty so you won't need to worry about getting back to your hotel. The Majlis Restaurant is a feat of architecture and an attraction on its own! The roof is 14 meters high and formed from local casuarinas and mangrove poles then covered in long palm leaves. The open plan veranda on the ground floor shelters the main restaurant and the upper terrace has a bar offering views over the bay. The food here features a wealth of local produce and fresh ingredients. Plenty of seafood is purchased each day from the local fishermen on their way to market. International cuisine is served along with local dishes. The Majlis Restaurant is a focal point of the hotel due to its unique architecture as well as its excellent cuisine which includes International, Italian (seafood, pasta, wooden pizza oven and home-made ice cream) and Japanese dishes (sushi, sashimi, and tempura). The Restaurant combines an open-plan veranda on the ground floor and terrace/bar on the first floor, offering panoramic views. The Majlis Restaurant offers some of the finest dining in the Lamu archipelago, featuring the best in local produce and fresh seasonal ingredients which are regularly purchase from fishermen in the morning en route from the fishing grounds to the market in Lamu. The restaurant also has the first sushi bar on the Lamu archipelago, serving sashimi and tempura as well as sushi. Breakfast is a feast of local fruits and breads with full English available too. Dinner can also be served outside under the African stars. The pool bar serves a variety of refreshing drinks and light snacks throughout the day for those who want to relax and laze by the pool. The surrounding archipelago is beautiful and sailing on the dhow is calming and therapeutic. One can meander with a small boat through the tributaries and look at amazing mangroves and birdlife. There are also some ancient ruins on the islands. In the mornings, the beach is a great place to go for a jog or even a walk as it is a long stretch of unspoiled beach and it felt almost private because there is hardly anybody apart from private residents on that island. From Majlis, you could hop on their luxuriously decked boats and go over to Lamu.


    The Peponi Hotel is just directly across and a great place for drinks as they have a bar that is full of character. There is also a good restaurant at the hotel and it is great for lunch as it is under a shady courtyard and on a sunny day, it is just wonderful. From there one could walk into Lamu town and visit the markets and explore the little lanes and check out the historic buildings. Lamu is a step back into the Arabian Nights. It is similar to Zanzibar Island except more compact. There are no cars but just donkeys and boats to get around the island. If you want a bit more action, charter a private plane and fly to the coast for some Kenya safari. Tsavo East and Chyulu Hills and Tsavo West are close enough to do a day trip from Lamu. At Majlis resort they organize deep sea fishing and you get the boat all to yourself. Whilst waiting for the fish, you could sleep on the boat as it has daybeds. The crew will alert you when they get a bite. Whatever, you do, do not bring a banana on the boat or mention the word banana as apparently, it is bad luck for fishing and you won't get to catch any fish. In the evenings they do a great sundowner on their dhow called Utamaduni. It is a great dhow and you can rent and stay on the dhow if so inclined. You can climb up on the canvas canopy of the deck and enjoy the breeze and watch the sunset. It was romantic and yet fun. From Manda Bay one can explore the island and it had some interesting trees that have lived more than hundreds of years ago, ancients ruins, birdlife and wildlife. The calm waters off the Ras Kitau bay and the Takwa mangrove creek behind the hotel are ideal for water-skiing, wake-boarding and doughnut rides. The Majlis has two speed boats specifically dedicated for these activities. The Majlis hotel Rates are per room per night on a full board basis and include VAT and service charges. The rates also include Manda airport transfers, bottle water, windsurfing and kayaking. Internet, tips and all drinks and laundry are not included. Children under 2 years old are free. An extra bed for a child over 2 years old is chargeable per night. No single room supplement Children from 3-12 years sharing with two adults are charged at 50%. During Christmas and New Year, 21st December to 5th January, there is a minimum 05 night stay required. The Majlis is also an ideal location for your personalized beach holidays which may include a corporate meeting, special event, wedding, honeymoon holidays or renewing your marriage vows. We offer tailored services to meet your personal requirements and accommodation needs. Our expert staff is always available to provide personalized services and to answer any questions you may have. We also provide professional guidance and travel tips to make your trip most memorable. Enjoy your Lamu vacations at one of the best Kenya beach resorts. For your convenience, online reservations are available. Book your hotel accommodation today and explore the enchanting Lamu. The climate in Lamu island from The Majlis, The rainy season on the Kenyan Coast is generally May/June. So from July onward the weather is gradually getting hotter and dryer until March/April when it reaches the high 90's (over40 degrees C). Christmas/New Year is generally considered the peak season and the weather is lovely then with constant sunshine and gentle off shore breezes. If you want clear seas for diving then make your trip after August/Sept.


    Majlis Resort Lamu Island Accommodation


    The Majlis Resort offers elegant and luxurious accommodation on Lamu Island in understated design complementing the natural beauty of Lamu and its tropical location.


    The beach hotel facing Lamu Islands comprises 25 superbly appointed Superior hotel rooms and deluxe hotel rooms, junior hotel rooms and Royal hotel suites divided into three magnificent villas. Each villa opens onto the white sand beach and boasts of a private veranda with panoramic sea views. The three villas were constructed using archipelago’s natural resources, combining white coral blocks with hand-carved timber. Particular attention was paid to integrating every Lamu Island villa among the indigenous trees and plants to enhance and preserve the beauty of the local surroundings The rooms at the Majlis are spacious with traditionally high, beamed ceilings, large windows and terraces with spectacular views of the beach, garden, swimming pools and Indian Ocean. The well appointed and perfectly maintained rooms are counted amongst the best amongst Lamu Kenya Hotels. Tastefully designed and decorated with tailored fittings, all rooms evoke the East African heritage with doors and furniture hand-carved according to the local tradition. Suites in our boutique hotel boast of a large bedroom area with a king-size bed draped with highest-quality linen bedding and roll-down netting, a generous en-suite bathroom, a private veranda, electric fans, and a safe. Wireless internet access is available in each room, which is also fitted with air conditioning to guarantee a peaceful night. The en-suite bathrooms feature a hot and cold-water shower and a classic “baraza” seating area covered in cushions.


    The Majlis Resort Restaurant


    The Majlis Resort Restaurant is a focal point of the hotel due to its unique architecture and excellent cuisine featuring International, Italian (seafood, pasta, wooden pizza oven and home-made ice-cream), and Swahili dishes. The restaurant is open for in-house guests as well as external guests. In-house guests of the hotel typically book an all-inclusive stay because of the lack of good and easy to access restaurants in the Lamu archipelago. The Majlis Resort Restaurant roof reaches 14 meters high and is built in the local tradition of casuarinas and mangrove poles, covered in very long palm leaves (‘makuti’ in Swahili). The Restaurant combines an open-plan veranda on the ground floor and terrace/bar on the first floor offering panoramic views over the Ras Kitau bay. The Majlis Restaurant offers the finest dining in the Lamu archipelago featuring the best in local produce and fresh seasonal ingredients. We regularly purchase seafood in the morning from local fisherman returning from the sea on their way to market.


    The Restaurant’s cuisine tastefully combines international dishes with the best local produce. Breakfast is served in the morning in the open plan dining area. In-house guests can choose from the à-la-carte menu, which includes fresh fruits, home-baked breads and pastries, cereals, eggs as well as a full English breakfast. The Restaurant is open at lunch and dinner offering a 4 course set menu with fish and meat options. The set menu changes every day, and is created by the Restaurant’s chefs ensuring to satisfy the most discerning palate. There is also an extensive à-la-carte menu for those guests (in-house or external) who wish to order something special according to their tastes. The offering includes vegetarian, daily-catch seafood, wood-fired pizzas, and a range of international dishes. We also offer romantic candle-lit dining ‘al fresco’ under the stars. The Majlis Hotel offers two pools where the guests can enjoy. Each pool has panoramic views over the seafront overlooking both Ras Kitau bay and Shela village on Lamu Island. The pools were built in the shade of the indigenous acacia and palm trees offering a cool contrast to the warm African sun. The pool bar serves a variety of refreshing drinks and a fabulous assortment of light snacks.


    Majlis Hotel Pool & Terrace Bars


    The Majlis bar and lounge areas are an ideal place to meet with friends in Lamu for a cocktail or to relax during the day enjoying light snacks. Guests are invited to enjoy the evening drinks at sunset or admire the stars after dinner. A wide selection of alcoholic beverages is available at the Majlis including fruit juices, cocktails, beers, wines, champagnes and spirits. There are two bar areas within the hotel. The pool bar is situated inside the Majlis building and the terrace bar on the first floor of the restaurant, both offering panoramic views from Manda Island of the Ras Kitau bay. The pool bar is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, while the terrace bar from 5:30 PM to midnight. The Majlis hotel today announced that it has received a Trip Advisor® Certificate of Excellence award. The accolade, which honors hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on Trip Advisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Approximately 10 percent of accommodations listed on Trip Advisor receive this prestigious award. To qualify for the Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travelers on Trip Advisor. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months. The Majlis is pleased to receive a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence,” said Mr Stefano Moccia, Managing Director.“ We strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive traveler reviews on Trip Advisor.”


    Majlis Hotel Lamu Island Honeymoon & Wedding


    If you are contemplating the romantic idea of a wedding or honeymoon holiday in Lamu, Kenya with an idyllic beach as the backdrop and the sounds of the Indian Ocean lapping against the shore, then look no further. The Majlis Resort is an ideal Kenya bay beach hotel for your wedding safari and honeymoon vacation or renewing your marriage vows. Your ceremony will be one of the greatest occasions throughout your life’s journey and the Majlis will ensure that you celebrate in style and make your day truly memorable. We are one of the leading Kenya beach hotels and offer flexible services tailored to your requirements. At this Lamu Island resort, we can also make excellent arrangements for a group of friends and family joining you or just for the two of you. The Majlis can arrange intimate wedding safaris on the beach or on the beautiful mangrove pontoon. The ceremony is very simple and is overseen by the Local District Officer. The Majlis choir will sing for the bride, groom and guests. We can also organize for a welcome singing and dancing by the 10-15 Maasai, a professional photographer, special cake and flower arrangements. In addition to this, we can also accommodate any banqueting requirements at beach resort Kenya. We, at the Majlis Resort believe that your honeymoon vacation is an important part of your married life as it is this phase during which a couple gets to know each other in a better manner. Plan your honeymoon trip in one of the luxury resorts in Kenya and create a memory for a lifetime.


    Majlis Hotel Corporate events


    The Majlis Resort provides an ideal venue also for meetings and special events. We can host conferences, conventions, seminars, exhibitions, receptions, banquets and retreats. The conference facilities include an LCD projector, a magnetic board with flip chart, television and DVD. With 25 air-conditioned rooms, the Majlis can host groups up to 50-60 people at the hotel. The Majlis’ facility is ideal for parties who wish to have privacy, luxury accommodation and security. We will also arrange excursions for your group including sunset dhow cruises, Lamu Town cultural visits and beach dinners. Located in a spectacular setting surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, the Majlis Resort offers a perfect blend of luxury and convenience to its visitors. It provides a secluded and private ambiance to guests and is regarded for its world-class services and facilities. An ideal place to enjoy Indian Ocean holidays, the Majlis Resort offers a wide range of holiday packages for different occasions, such as wedding, honeymoon, marriage vows renewal, corporate events or other special events. The hotel arranges weddings on the beach or stunning mangrove pontoon and can also organize for welcome singing and dancing by 10-15 Maasai, special cake, flower arrangements and a professional photographer. Moreover, the beach resort can also meet any banqueting requirements. Whether it is your honeymoon, wedding or marriage vows renewal event, the Majlis Resort can assist you with all these arrangements and help you celebrate the day in style, making your holidays truly memorable.


    Lamu Transfer & Scenic Flights


    Lamu can be reached by air from Kenya’s main airports, namely: Nairobi, Mombasa and Malindi. All flights land on Manda Island, just across the channel from Lamu. The Majlis can also organize a tailor-made pick-up from Kenya’s main airports for those guests wishing to save time or avoid having to fly to Lamu with local commercial airplanes. Daily flight trips can also be pre-booked to exclusive destinations in Kenya along the coast or in game parks. Scenic flights are highly recommended as small planes can fly over beautiful stretches of undisturbed beaches, thick mangrove forests, remote islands, or the bush where wildlife can be spotted. The Majlis Resort is best place for the people who wish to take immediate advantage of Holiday Packages to Lamu Island and who love sports and adventure. The resort offers various sports activities to its guests, including Boat Excursions, Boat & Mainland Safaris, Water sports & Snorkeling. The Majlis is also the best place for the arrangement of wedding ceremonies, corporate meetings and other special occasions.


    The resort is also well-known among vacationers to Kenya for its restaurant services and cuisine that includes Japanese, Italian, Swahili and International dishes, A vacation that involves sparkling waters and sun-drenched beaches is usually at the top of most individuals’ summer’s wish list. Situated on the beachfront, the Majlis Resort is one of the leading beach hotels in Lamu and offers a comfortable accommodation. Whether you are looking for quiet period of relaxation or a romantic getaway, the Majlis resort is an ideal destination. It offers a special playroom and outdoor playground on beach to keep children engaged with different entertainment facilities. The kids’ area is safe and efficiently supervised by experienced nannies. The Majlis beach hotel in Kenya offers a range of options for families with children, and can also add extra beds and baby cots upon request. The restaurant chefs are friendly and available to meet your special requests. They can prepare nutritious meals that are tasty and fun for kids. The beach resort offers a variety of beach games and ocean activities such as sand castle building, water games and kayaking for children. Its jungle gym provides all guests, old and young, an opportunity to tone their muscles in a tranquil environment. For active the


    people, the hotel also offers jogging on the Manda beaches and exciting cycling excursions around Manda Island. The villas in this spectacular beach hotel in Kenya are well-decorated, and each has a separate seating room with antique Swahili furniture, white couches, and African sculptures and paintings. Two of the villas have pools in front, making you feel as though you are living in an ultra-luxurious private beach house. The rooms are large with spacious en-suite bathroom, and Royal Suite provides magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. The beach hotel is also an ideal place for your honeymoon, wedding and marriage vows renewal. It offers tailored services to cater to the guests’ exact requirements and strives to make their day truly memorable.


    Majlis Hotel Kid’s Club


    If you are looking for a perfect destination for family holidays Lamu Island, then you need not to look any further. At Majlis Hotel in the Lamu archipelago, we meet all your requisitions and fulfill all your desires of making a memorable holiday experience. The Majlis is a boutique resort which stands out for its charming aesthetic appeal and luxurious facilities. We have a highly committed management team who strive to deliver the best holiday experience to all our guests. Whether you are looking for a quiet and peaceful way of relaxation or a romantic getaway, the Majlis resort is an ideal spot for family holidays in Kenya that offers numerous facilities and luxurious rooms to the guest. We offer a special playroom and outdoor playground on beach to keep your children engaged with numerous entertainment facilities. We provide a well maintained kids’ area that is completely safe and efficiently supervised by our well trained and experienced nannies. We also offer a variety of beach games and ocean activities including sand castle building, water games and kayaking for children. Our restaurant chefs are extremely friendly and are available to meet your special requests. We also have a jungle gym that provides our guests an opportunity to tone their muscles in a tranquil environment. You can also engage yourself in jogging on the Manda beaches and exciting cycling excursions around the Manda Island. If you want to learn more about the services and amenities offered by this beach hotel in Kenya, feel free to browse through, Children of all ages are welcome at The Majlis where we offer a range of activities available keep them happy, entertained, and amused throughout their stay. All activities are complimentary unless otherwise stated.


    The Majlis Hotel Lamu Dhow Adventure:


    The Majlis is a beautiful and a popular boutique hotel, located on the Lamu Island, is surrounded by water on all sides. It is one of the best Lamu Hotels which gives panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and also enables you to relish the essence of the traditions of Lamu Island. If you are looking for a perfect holiday spot where you can spend your vacation, Majlis would be an ideal destination for you which offer a one-stop holiday experience. The narrow alleys of the island will lead you to the intricate carved doorways of a massive and beautifully designed boutique resort. Outside Majlis, you will notice white stone houses, majestic mosques, spices and scent of grilled food in the markets, lantern lit streets in the night, traditional Swahili culture and a lot more. At Majlis, time stands still and you can experience a trip on one of the traditional wooden sailing dhows. You can even sail to neighboring islands including Manda, Pate and Kiwayu. Sailing through the dense mangrove forests, fishing villages you enjoy beautiful view of the ocean where dolphins invite you to swim with them. You can also engage yourself in snorkeling and diving. There is a lot more which you can explore being at Majlis. Learn how to sail an authentic Arabian Dhow vessel with one of our dhow captains. Sail away in the Lamu Archipelago, and navigate between Lamu and Manda Island. Get your first taste of sailing on one of the oldest sailing boats on the Indian Ocean.


    The Majlis Hotel Maasai Warrior Experience:


    Join our Maasai Moran on the hunt with bows and arrows. Learn how to make your own bow & arrows, and light a fire without matches. Make your own Maasai beaded necklace and wristbands.


    The Majlis Hotel Swahili Cooking Class:


    Join our Swahili cooks and learn how to make typical Swahili dishes – fun and the best part is you can eat what you cook – delicious!


    Majlis Hotel Beach Activities:


    Join us for some beach games and ocean activities including sand castle building, kayaking, and water games. Who can build a castle that will survive the upcoming tide? Have endless fun and enjoy various exciting games on The Majlis beach.


    Majlis Hotel Snorkeling Trip to Manda Toto and Kiwayu


    The Lamu Archipelago offers some of the finest snorkeling on the Indian Ocean. Explore untouched coral reefs and discover an astounding array of exotic marine wildlife. The excursions are organized daily on our motor boats and include a picnic lunch on an isolated island. There are regular encounters with schools of dolphins and occasionally we manage to swim amongst these gentle creatures. This excursion attracts an extra charge. The Majlis beach resort is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to spend beach holidays with family or friends. Nested at the shores of vast Indian Ocean, The Majlis always strives to meet the needs of their guests by offering them highly satisfactory services. The Lamu Island is known for its gorgeous natural surroundings and the perfect way to explore and admire the Island's beauty is through boat excursions. The Majlis resort that is also known as luxurious Manda Island hotel offers numerous activities for active guests including Gym, Swimming, Mountain biking, Beach and cross-country jogging and more. Mainly, the guests enjoy Kayaking, Snorkeling & Diving, Sailing with the dhow, Sailing with lasers in the Ras Kitau bay, Windsurfing & Kite surfing and water-skiing & Wake-boarding. For more information, please browse through


    Majlis Hotel Jungle Gym and Cycling Trip:


    Our jungle gym offers all guests, young and old, a chance to stretch and tone their muscles in an absolutely serene environment. For the more active amongst you, we also offer cycling excursions around Manda Island and jogging on the Manda beaches. We are delighted to offer baby sitting services (upon request at a fee per day). At pre-arranged times; our pools have attendants to watch over the children. However, please note that no qualified lifeguards are present at the swimming pools and floating and swimming aids are a must for children who do not swim. Life jackets are offered to all children during the excursions. f you were looking for a perfect destination for honeymoon, it would be a great idea to choose the Majlis as it is the best Kenya honeymoon hotel. The Majlis is located on Manda Island in the Lamu archipelago and is facing Lamu Island. The Majlis is surrounded by an idyllic beach where you can hear the pleasing sounds of the Indian Ocean lapping against the shore. At the Majlis, we understand that the honeymoon period is one of the most memorable phases of the life’s journey and we ensure to provide the best experience of your life. The Majlis Resort is an ideal Kenya honeymoon hotel where you can enjoy your stay in a peaceful setting, relax at the sun-drenched beaches and create lifetime memories with your spouse. The hotel is away from the hustle and bustle of city life and it provides beneficial honeymoon offer that includes many benefits. The offer includes a romantic sunset dhow sailing voyage in the Ras Kitau bay from where you can enjoy with your spouse the serene and spectacular sunset. In the honeymoon offer, we also provide for a private dinner at the beach where you can relish the most tempting delicacies and we also provide for a complimentary rejuvenating massage for the bride. We strive to offer the best sea view room that also has a terrace (subject to availability). If this room is unavailable, don't feel bad, as we will provide a well-appointed room with welcome flowers where you can spend some quality time with your lovable spouse.


    Majlis Hotel Boat Excursions


    Excursion around Lamu Island by boat


    Lamu Island is the island facing the Majlis hotel. Depending on weather, the trip around Lamu Island can be arranged clock wise from the open sea or by following the channel between the mainland and Lamu Island. The boat will stop on the beach of Kizingo point. On the way back, there is an option to visit the Matondoni or Kipungani villages. The trip is typically organized by speed boat but our dhow sailing boat can also be used. This is a half day trip and can take up to 3-4 hours. The Majlis will provide for a speed boat with captain and drinks. A barbeque lunch can also be arranged at your request.


    Majlis Hotel Excursion around Manda Island by boat


    This is a half day trip on the other side of the island with stop-over in Manda Toto, a small island made up of sand off Manda Island. Access to the other side of Manda Island is possible by navigating into a narrow mangrove channel on the west coast of the island. The excursion can be organized with a speed boat or by dhow. This is a half day trip and can take 3-4 hours depending on the stops. The Majlis will provide for a speed boat with captain and drinks. A barbeque lunch can also be arranged at your request. With a unique presentation and style that is influenced by the traditional Swahili, Arabic, and Indian cultures, The Manjlis Resort is a dream come true for all those people seeking to get pampered in a different way. If you are heading to Africa for a vacation, and plan on staying at any of the Kenya Hotels, then you can head to the Majlis for a complete and relaxing stay. Even if you are bringing children along, there will be plenty for them to do at the Kids Club. In addition, they can participate in a variety of activities like fishing, diving, or a safari. There is always plenty to do for everyone.


    Majlis Hotel Excursion to Kiwayu Island by boat


    Kiwayu is a small island in the north eastern part of the Lamu Archipelago, situated in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. The main attraction on Kiwayu is the tidal pools and snorkeling/diving pools located on the eastern side of the island. We can organize a boat trip to the island with picnic lunch. This is a full day trip and it takes about 1 hour & 1/2 one way by boat. Fishing can also be organized on the way to Kiwayu. If you are seeking to escape the pressures and tensions of a fast paced lifestyle, or you need some relaxation and relief, then the Majlis Resort welcomes you. Located on the northern coast of Kenya, our luxury beach hotel is a paradise in its own right. Exotic views, grand architecture, and caring customer service staff easily make it one of the best East Africa Hotels. Securely nestled on Manda Island, our hotel provides the most beautiful and stunning scenes both at sunrise and sunset. Submerged in culture and tradition, yet provided by with all the amenities of a modern lifestyle, we at the Majlis take pride in treating our guests with the utmost care. No matter how you plan to spend your time here, we guarantee you the best in hospitality and services. All you have to do is book your reservations, and leave the rest to us. From organizing safaris, or excursions, to making sure that the children are also entertained, we take care of it all. During your stay here, you can dine at the Majlis Restaurant where the international menu is sure to have something unique for each of the guests. Special arrangements can be made if you plan on celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. We have ample space to hold conferences and exhibitions also. Just contact our customer service, and you could be celebrating your next big event in the lap of luxury at our boutique hotel. Our two pools with all their splendor, culture, and luxury are always a favorite place to relax for the guests. You can be a part of that amazing experience, and witness the glorious views by our pools. Our unique interior decoration style borrow elements from the Indian, Arabic, and traditional Swahili culture making for a very interesting canvas. The fact that we are a privately owned and run boutique hotel amongst the East Africa Hotels makes us different from the usual run-of-the mill places. We understand the gravitation of people towards non-corporate, non-franchised, and homely organizations, and that's why we place the comfort and happiness of our guests above all. For reservations,


    Majlis Hotel Boat & Mainland Safaris


    Game drive safari to Lake Kenyatta


    The Majlis is ideally located to offer you the best of Kenya’s beach & bush without having to commute too far during your holidays. Across from Lamu Island, on the mainland, lies Lake Kenyatta, an area of pristine indigenous bush, rich in wildlife, including zebra, topi, hippo, waterbuck, buffalo, warthog, elephant and other seasonal game. The Majlis offers a half day safari with a guide from Kenya’s Wildlife Service. Depending on the tide level, it is possible to organize the trip in the early morning or late afternoon. Departure is from the hotel by boat to reach Kenya’s mainland (15-30 minutes depending on the tide level) and then by Jeep (15-40 minutes) to reach Lake Kenyatta and the wildlife area. This trip is for maximum 4 persons and requires 24 hours notice. Tranquilizing and serene, the Majlis resort in Kenya is a sanctuary of wonder. Literally speaking, the word “Majlis” is taken from the Arabic language and means “a sitting place”. That’s exactly what the Majlis resort is – a place to untie your laces, let your hair loose, sit, and just relaxes. A heavenly location such as one offered by this hotel is unparalleled in beauty and charm making it one of the best resorts in Kenya. Whether you are seeking a romantic getaway with your loved one or a quality family trip, the Majlis is the best place to visit in Kenya. A spacious beachfront property nestled in the Lamu archipelago, this resort is a treat for anyone who wants to experience the luxurious side of Kenya. With gorgeous weather year round, you will be sure to enjoy your stay no matter when you go there. The decor of the premises is to be marveled at. While it is a state of the art modern building that ensures that you receive luxury treatment, it also stays true to its culture of being in Kenya. The building is speckled with hints of traditional Kenyan furnishings and artwork. This setup creates a unique environment that is contemporary yet ethnic. Some of the places that one must visit while staying at the Majlis include the swimming pool, the terrace bar, and the Majlis restaurant. While there, you can indulge in a variety of activities. Boating, fishing, safaris, snorkeling are some of the most popular, but if you really want a slice of Kenya it is advisable to go on a cultural excursion. You are guaranteed a good time, and you will learn a lot. If you are not one for physical activity, then you can just take a book and sit in a hammock on the beach. The beaches here are solitary and private and offer some spectacular views of the sunset. The KIDS CLUB offers a plethora of activities and things for kids to do so that you will not have to worry about their entertainment while you are enjoying yourself. The Majlis lives up to its reputation as being one of the best resorts in Kenya. If you plan on visiting Kenya and are looking for a place that will make your stay special and memorable, the Majlis is where you have to go. You will not be disappointed.


    Majlis Hotel Excursion to Tana River delta by boat


    The Tana River starts its long journey on the slopes of Mt Kenya and meets the Indian Ocean just south of Lamu in a magnificent River Delta, teeming with birdlife and game. Considered to be one of Kenya’s great coastal wildernesses, it is a wildlife refuge and a particularly important site for thousands of breeding birds. The river boasts more than 40 recorded fish species and this rich environment is a haven for elephant, lion, buffalo, crocodile and over 800 hippos. The Majlis offers a fantastic day trip to into the Delta, by boat from the hotel to the River (1 hour & ½ one way) and includes fishing on the estuary, fascinating bird and animal watching with a qualified guide and a visit to the historical Town of Kipini. The trip is for maximum 4 people. This excursion can also be organized by private plane (10 minutes from Lamu’s airport) and it is possible also to book an overnight stay at a small lodge located on the Tana River delta.


    Fishing in Lamu


    Majlis Hotel Deep-sea fishing


    Deep sea fishing in Lamu archipelago waters is famous worldwide both for its variety and for the quantity of sport fish caught, including Marlin (striped, black and blue), Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda, Giant Trevally and Kingfish. The best fishing season is from October through to April and is a wonderful way to spend either a half or full day out on the Indian Ocean. Deep-sea fishing requires 24 hours notice.


    Majlis Hotel Reef and river-creek and fishing


    Reef and river-creek fishing in the mangrove channels can be done with traditional hand lines. Our boat captain will bring you to the best spots in the area. This is a half day activity.


    Majlis Hotel Water sports & Snorkeling


    The Majlis resort offers a full range of water sports. The calm waters off the Ras Kitau bay and the Takwa mangrove creek behind the hotel are ideal for water-skiing, wake-boarding and doughnut rides. The Majlis has two speed boats specifically dedicated for these activities.


    Majlis Hotel Waterskiing & wakeboarding


    Depending on the tide level and wind direction, waterskiing is possible in the Ras Kitau bay or in the mangrove channel (Takwa creek) which is just 5 minutes away. We have a range of water-skis and wakeboards both for adults and children.


    Majlis Hotel Windsurfing & Kite-surfing


    Windsurfing & kite-surfing is possible on the seafront of the hotel in the Ras Kitau bay. Our captains are available to set-up the equipment and will be on duty to help our guests. We also offer windsurfing and kite-surfing lessons with a professional instructor.


    Majlis Hotel Sailing with lasers in the Ras Kitau bay


    The Majlis has on offer two sailing boats of type laser which can be used all day long in front of the hotel. Maximum capacity for each laser is 3 people. If needed, our captains can provide for sailing lessons for beginners.


    Majlis Hotel Sailing with the dhow


    Sailing is organized on our Mozambique-styled dhow which can carry up to 8 people. A captain is required to sail this boat. Sailing can be done in the bay, but also in the mangrove channels, or around Lamu & Manda islands. We can also organize a half day trip with a picnic lunch or sailing in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset while sipping a nice cocktail drink.


    Majlis Hotel Snorkeling & Diving


    The Lamu archipelago offers some of the finest snorkeling & diving in the Indian Ocean to explore untouched coral reefs and discover an astounding array of exotic marine wildlife. Daily excursions are organized on our motor boats to a destination of your choosing, including a picnic lunch on an isolated beach. Two of the most highly recommended sites are Kiniyka Island (30 minutes south-east of Lamu) and Manda Toto Island (40 minutes north of Manda Island).


    Majlis Hotel Kayaking


    The Majlis has on offer two wooden canoes and also a single and a double fiberglass kayak which can be used on the seafront of the hotel or in the mangrove creek. The mangrove is a fascinating place to explore and encounter many species of colorful birds and fish. If you wish to engage into an adventurous paddling tour, we recommend a tour at high tide from the seafront of the hotel to the pontoon in the mangroves or vice versa. Estimated time for this adventurous trip is 30-45 minutes.


    Fitness, Cardio & Wellness


    Majlis Hotel Beach and cross-country jogging


    For our active guests, jogging can be done on the beach seafront or on the back of the hotel where there are several tracks. Depending on the level of fitness, we recommend two jogging trips, one to the coral quarry of Timboni (6-7 kms or about 40 minutes) and the second one to the Takwa ruins (10-12 kms or about 1 hour and 20 minutes). A personal trainer is available, if required, to accompany our guests.


    Majlis Hotel Mountain biking


    The Majlis has several mountain bikes which can be used all day long by our guests. From the back of the hotel, there is a dirt road that leads to the coral quarry of Timboni (6-7 kms) and also to the Takwa ruins (10-12 kms). If requested, our sports coordinator is available to accompany our guests on the trip.


    Majlis Hotel Swimming


    Swimming can be done in the two pools of the hotel or in Ras Kitau bay. For guests who wi sh for some adventure, we recommend to swim from the hotel across the channel to the beach of Shela village on Lamu Island. The distance is about 800 meters and estimated time is 20-25 minutes depending on the current in the channel. One of our boats can follow the swimmer(s) to the other side and provide transport back to the hotel.


    Majlis Hotel Gym


    The Majlis has two gyms, one located close to the pool bar with several fitness machines (runner, exercise bike, multi-functional equipment) and one in the garden called “the Jungle gym”. The gyms offer a wide variety of equipment to exercise the whole body and are popular with both adults and children (over 6 years of age) who want to stay active all day long.


    Majlis Hotel Massage


    We offer a range of massages which include basic massage, energetic massage and facial treatments. The treatments range from 30 minutes to 50 minutes depending on the massage chosen. The massage can be organized in the room or in the massage banda located on the beach seafront.


    Majlis Hotel Cultural Excursions


    Trip to Matondoni village on Lamu Island


    Matondoni is a local fishing village and dhow building site. The village is located on the western side of Lamu Island, about 8 kms from Lamu Town. The village is famous for traditional handicrafts such as weaving straw mats of palm leaves and making ropes of coconut. The excursion can be organized as a half day trip and it can be done by motor-boat or on our traditional Mozambique-style dhow sailing boat. This is a half day trip and it can be combined with a visit to Lamu Town.


    Majlis Hotel Trip to Takwa Ruins on Manda Island


    The Takwa settlement is situated on the south side of Manda Island, in the Lamu District. It was founded around year 1500, and abandoned around 1700. The Great Mosque at Takwa is relatively well preserved. The other structure remaining of importance is the Pillar Tomb, which has an inscription with the date of 1681-1682. It is reported that when Takwa was abandoned, its inhabitants settled just across the bay at Shela on Lamu Island. This is a half day trip and it can be organized by speed boat and by dhow (30 minutes), depending on the tide level. For those wishing to be more active and do some sports, we organize also a mountain bike trip to Takwa from the hotel (about 10 kms one-way) which takes about 30-40 minutes one way. Rates at The Majlis are per room per night on a full board basis and include VAT and service charges. The rates also include Manda airport transfers, bottle water, windsurfing and kayaking. Internet, tips and all drinks and laundry are not included. Children under 2 years old are free. An extra bed for a child over 2 years old is charged per night. No single room supplement. Children from 5-14 years sharing with two adults are charged at 50%. During Christmas and New Year, 21st December to 5th January, there is a minimum 05 night stay required.


    Lamu Island


    Willing to enjoy holidays in Kenya Africa? Lamu Islands serve as an ideal holiday destination for you to enjoy your holidays in Kenya. The Lamu Archipelago is a small group of islands situated on Kenya’s northern coast line. It is made up of Lamu Island, Manda Island, Pate Island and Kiwayu Island. Lamu Town is the headquarters of Lamu District, one of the six districts of Kenya’s Coastal Province, which borders the Indian Ocean to the east, the Tana River District to the south-west and the Garissa District to the north. Lamu Town is the oldest living Swahili town in Kenya, comparable to Zanzibar Island Tanzania. The town dates back to the 12th century. Due to its unique location along Arabic, Indian and African trade routes, Lamu Kenya flourished as a maritime hub whose main population, the Swahili, engaged in international trade, fishing and farming. The architecture of Lamu in Kenya is uniquely Swahili, with its narrow streets, storied buildings, intricately carved wooden doors and numerous mosques. Tightly built along narrow streets bordering the seafront, Lamu’s architecture and rich Swahili influences make it among the most charming spots for Kenya luxury holidays. The ‘Lamu Old Town’ is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its cultural significance. Lamu Old Town’s museums and fort are maintained and managed by the National Museums of Kenya. These include the Lamu Museum, known for its exquisite Swahili ethnography exhibits; the Swahili House Museum, a restored 18th century house, reflecting the life of privileged Lamu Swahilis; the Lamu Fort, built in 1814 by Bwana Zeid Ngumi, the last Sultan of Lamu; and the German Post Office Museum, showing the post office when it was operational in the late 19-20th century. You can visit these places during your Kenya all inclusive holidays. The surreal landing at the airstrip on Manda Island and brief journey across the channel in a dhow set the stage for an area which lives on the warm waters, making a perfect option for inclusive holidays to Kenya. Donkeys are the sole means of transport in Lamu Kenya and are sure to fascinate children and adults alike. Since Lamu's inscription as a World Heritage Site in 2001, the annual Lamu Cultural Festival has been a celebration of the unique Swahili heritage of Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago. Organized by the Lamu Cultural Promotion Group, this exclusive four-day festival showcases dances, local musical performances, craft making and unique competitions on water and land. Attendees will also be treated to Swahili poetry, donkey races, how races, henna painting, as well as being the audience in a Swahili bridal ceremony. The Lamu Cultural festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience the island's unspoiled beaches, medieval ambience, architecturally magnificent Old Town that has been a Swahili settlement for over 700 years, gracious population, and traditions of an enchanted island where history continues to live.


    The rustic Red Pepper House, by comparison, was initially built as a family home, this five-room hotel north of Lamu Town is set among neem and acacia trees. It is truly beautiful, with crystal chandeliers hung from an undulating makuti roof (designed by Mombasa-based architect Urko Sánchez) and tribal masks and colonial antiques dotted among traditional Swahili furniture, including pili pili beds decorated with peacocks (a symbol of passion). Meals can be taken overlooking the pale-aqua swimming pool or in your vast private boma, and the food is very tasty indeed (Chef Mohamed Yakat Ali loves oriental flavors and techniques). There are sunset cruises to Shela Town on the hotel's handsome new dhow, and day trips to Manda Toto to snorkel with octopus, lobster and lionfish. Celebrate true African culture without giving up luxury amenities with Lamu Cultural Festival, Majlis Hotel and the Red Pepper House. One of the best ways to finish off your exhilarating Kenia safari is to spend a couple of days relaxing and unwinding, lazing on an idyllic beach sipping your favorite cocktail before real life begins again at home. Where better to spend your rest and relaxation time than on the Kenya Coast? This stunning coastline is a long series of sweeping pristine beaches which run for hundreds of miles towards the Horn of Africa. With their white sands and shimmering turquoise waters, a stay at any of the locations along the coast will really have that ‘barefoot in the sand’, natural and calming feel. If you simply cannot sit still, the calm and clear waters are an excellent base for water sports which are offered at most beach lodges and Beach hotels. There are tonnes of places to stay along the coastline, each with their own unique benefits,


    Trip to Pate Island


    Pate Island is the largest island in the Lamu Archipelago and it lies between the island of Manda and Kiwayu. Main attractions in Pate Island are Faza Town, Pate Town, Siyu Fort and the archeological site of Shanga .


    FazaTown, on the North coast, dates back to the 13th C, when it was almost destroyed by the Pate army. It was resettled and then dealt the same blow in 1587 by the Portuguese. Faza is now a modern Town and the central administrative center for Pate Island.


    Pate Town is situated on the South-West coast of the island. The Town of Pate was founded by refugees from Oman in the 8th century and re-founded by members of the Nabahani family, also from Oman, in 1204. The 18th century was known as the “Golden Age of Pate”, when the Town was at its height of powers and also prospered in fine arts. Builders constructed some of the finest houses on the East Africa coast, with extensive elaborate plaster works. The downfall of Pate Town came as a consequence of continuous quarreling/warring with its neighbors from the end of the 18th century. In 1813 the famous “Battle of Shela” took place at Shela. This was an attempt by Pate, allied with the Mazrui clan from Mombasa/Oman, to subject Lamu. The attempt completely failed and many were killed. Only a handful of people managed to return to Pate, and their losses were felt for years. By 1892 the number of inhabitants had fallen to only 300, down from 7000. Agriculture and fishing are the main economic activities of the day.


    Siyu Fort is located on Pate Island, at a point opposite Siyu Town across the tidal channel, which bisects the island at high water. It lies some 25 km to the north east of Lamu Town and can be reached by boat from Lamu, up a long mangrove lined creek which is only navigable at high tide. Siyu is the only Town that built a fort of its own, unlike Mombasa and Lamu where the forts were erected by foreigners.


    Shanga is an important archaeological site, situated on the South-East coast of the island. It was excavated during an eight year period, starting in 1980. The earliest settlement was dated to the eight century, and the conclusion drawn from archeological evidence (locally minted coins, burials) indicate that a small number of local inhabitants were Muslim, probably from the late eight century onwards, and at least from the early ninth. Shanga was abandoned between 1400-1425. This is a full day trip and must be planned at high tide. A cooler box with drinks and lunch will be organized.


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