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    Lamu Island Water Sports Kenya Africa & Lamu Beach Holidays

    If you are looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy a unique beach holiday experience, then a holiday to Lamu Island is for you. Lamu Island is truly away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In fact, there are no roads, and the only car on the island belongs to the mayor. It is not overrun with tourists because there are fancy beach bars or nightlife. This is simply a place to get away from it all. A Lamu holiday will most likely include a guided walking tour of Lamu Old Town. You can visit the Old Fort and museum in the town's southern corner. The fort once served as a garrison for Baluchi soldiers, protection for Lamu merchants and a prison. It has always been and still is a cornerstone for the community. As you stroll through Lamu, you will notice that most people use donkeys for transportation or otherwise just walk. This is truly a place where the people are never in a hurry.


    The endless white sandy beaches, the turquoise blue lagoons and the clean nice warm seawater all these are things for which Lamu Island is so famous. The spectacular archipelagos of the warm Lamu Island are a subtropical paradise of gleaming sands and turquoise seas where guests can live out their dreams of luxurious paradise and indulgent leisure on private islands. Beyond the palm-fringed island beaches, stretches an unspoiled marine world where diving and snorkeling promise scenes of vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful life. Unsurpassed beauty, luxury beachfront accommodation and a variety of unforgettable island adventures ensure that the beach experiences offer incentive travelers the time of their lives. Depending on availability, the size of your group and your travel budget, we will be there to make the best recommendations for you so that you have a wonderful experience of this extraordinary destination. If someone's figured out a new way to have fun on the water, you'll find it here in Lamu Island, from kite surfing, windsurfing, stand-up surfing, step-off surfing and other creative variations into the lineup. Each of these disciplines takes its own special approach to wave-riding and requires its own specialized gear. With mild surf and warm temperatures all year-round, Lamu beaches are the perfect place to try a new activity or practice your favorite water sport. The starring attraction of the water sports scene include Sailing, scuba diving and kayaking are popular with locals and tourists alike and adrenaline junkies will love wakeboarding, kitesurfing, jet skiing, and water-powered jet packing.


    Lamu Island Shell Seeking



    Shell seeking is one of the most beloved activities vacationers on beach holidays take part in every beach vacation on Lamu Island, The beaches along the Indian Ocean provide the best location for sea shell hunting and Lamu Island is the state's top shelling location and considered the top shelling beach, The islands of Lamu, Manda, and Pate are a mix of deep-blue channels and coral reef with protected bays and broad, sandy beaches with sand dunes and mangroves; there's plenty to explore once you get out of town. Lamu's most obvious beach is the unbroken 13km (8-mile) crescent-shaped stretch that runs southwest from the edge of Shela village to the steadily evolving collection of holiday villas around unspoiled Kipungani. Backed by sand hills and palm trees, it's a gloriously secluded place to unfurl your beach towel (bring lots of sunscreen), and you could spend hours simply gathering shells and watching crabs scuttle over the shore. Shela village, at the foot of some high dunes, can be reached easily by a short boat trip or a pleasant 45-minute walk from Lamu town (it's 4km/2 1/2 miles away) and is another must-see. A bit of a hippie stronghold during the 1960s, it continues to serve as a popular retreat for foreigners who've invested in Lamu. While the beach is a big attraction, the village itself is also a more placid place than Lamu, and locals are even more willing to interact. There are also one or two prestigious-looking boutiques and galleries tucked between the renovated mansions.


    Lamu Island Sea Turtle



    There are seven species of in the world - all of which are either critically endangered or threatened. Two of them, the Green and Hawksbill, are found in the Lamu archipelago of Kenya. The endangered green turtle, which has suffered from habitat loss, poaching, pollution and a host of other human-related conflicts around the world, is finding refuge in Lamu. An initiative by the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, supported by the Tusk Trust, is aiming to create an incentive for local fisherman and ex-turtle poachers to protect instead of harm not only green turtles but hawksbill (also endangered) and olive ridley turtles, which nest in the Lamu area. Rewards are given to fisherman for releasing turtles caught in nets, and ex-poachers have been hired to protect the nests of turtles to ensure higher survival rates. Manda Island, one of the idyllic isles of the Lamu on Kenya's North Coast, is a haven for turtles. For thousands of years, a few of its clear wide beaches, so far devoid of holiday homes and beach hotels, have been the nesting site for these gentle creatures of the sea. Five species of sea turtles occur in Kenya's marine waters.


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