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    Kipungani Explorer, Kipungani Bay, Lamu Island Kenya & Heritage Hotels, Resorts, Lodge

    Kipungani Explorer Lodge is a beautiful beachfront eco-friendly lodge in Lamu Island and Shela Beach, Lamu Fort plus Manda Beach are just a few of the attractions to be found in the region. Kipungani Explorer Lodge overlooks the tranquil waters of the sheltered Kipungani Channel on the remote south-western tip of Lamu Island on the south-east coast of Kenya. Kipungani is the Swahili word for 'the place of fresh air'. It’s no mirage. It’s no cliché. This is paradise. Perched at the south-western tip of enchanting Lamu Island where the mangroves of Kipungani Creek meet the end of a deserted 14 kilometer beach, Kipungani Lodge is barefoot luxury at its most fabulous, one of the most romantic hotels on the Kenyan Coast. Kipungani Explorer Hotel is a great holiday destination for a true desert island Holiday on the south-western tip of Lamu Island! Not too far by boat from the utterly fabulous Kipungani Explorer Resort lies the tiny island of Kinyika, home to spectacular coral gardens, myriads of colorful fish and hundreds of sea birds the island is also a favorite playground for pods of friendly, playful and inquisitive bottlenose dolphins, spend the morning in these crystal clear waters snorkeling amongst these amazing animals before returning to the Kipungani Lodge Lamu Island with your own tales of wonder! The Kipungani Explorer Lodge is for anyone who's looking for a truly secluded beach vacation getaway, the immense thatch and reed bandas—a half-hour trip by speedboat from Lamu and just a stone's throw from the gentle Indian Ocean—feel removed from the rest of the world.


    At Kipungani Explorer Lodge, you can do nothing more than lie on the swing beds for hours at a time, but for the more energetic there's snorkeling (your chances of seeing dolphins are pretty high), kayaking, crab catching, and creek fishing. A model of responsible community development, the Kipungani Explorer Hotel has a close relationship with the nearby village (both staff and materials are sourced from it). A visit is a delightful experience, as you'll meet all the locals as they go about their daily lives and visit the clinic and school. Kipungani Resort is a magical hideaway is nestled in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and is the hidden gem of the Kenyan coast; its deserted beaches stretch for miles and are dotted with pretty green palm trees, Kipungani Resort is a luxurious eco-lodge tucked away in a tranquil bay on the south west of the island, the rustic feel and romantic setting make it the perfect place for a honeymoon holiday getaway, With a stay at Kipungani Resort Lamu Island you'll be on the beach front, Kipungani Hotel Lamu Island has been described in the press recently as a “five-star Robinson Crusoe”, “the most laid-back lodge in Africa” and her bandas as “some of the most glamorous beach huts in the world".


    Kipungani Beach Hotel is one of Africa’s most remote, relaxing and richly romantic coastal hideaways. After a 90-minute flight from Nairobi, you will be met at Manda Island and transported by boat to the hotel, which is located two degrees south of the Equator, on the edge of a near-deserted 12-kilometre beach. Not enough can be said about this hidden away gem. Off the beaten track of Kenya, 30 minutes by speedboat from nearby Lamu .A perfect beach vacations location in which to get away from it all, yet visit nearby Lamu and Shela as well. Kipungani Lodge offers excellent service, amazing cuisine and the opportunity to simply relax by the pool, swim in the lagoon, walk on the beach, look for crabs, visit the neighboring under rated Kipungani Village, try your hand at water sports etc. The Lamu Kipungani Beach Resort is the kind of place you want to tell your friends about, but also keep secret. Heritage hotels & lodges have put together a super team of staff here who take care of your every need with efficiency, offering a tranquil destination. Perched on the edge of its own beach, Kipungani Explorer Resort is one of East Africa's most simple but sophisticated coastal hideaways. Many travel agents and tour operators highly recommend Kipungani Explorer Resort if you want to truly relax and forget about everything else than the present moment. It offers pure relaxation. The staff truly makes you feel like family. The resorts bandas are extremely large and private and were made from local materials. The Kipungani Resort website pictures do not do this place justice. If you choose to stay at Kipungani Explorer hotel, you will truly feel like you are in paradise, they serve amazing fresh and unique dishes and the best desserts. Staying at Kipungani Safari Lodge is truly memorable and for those who think Kipungani hotel may not be close enough to Lamu town, you can take a quick boat ride and spend the day in Lamu town, but you probably will never want to leave Kipungani explorer anyway, the Kipungani Explorer Lamu Island is a low key resort, private and secluded, that additionally boasts comfortable amenities, fresh seafood dinners and abundant recreational opportunities.


    The Kipungani Explorer offers typical African chalets located along the coast of the Kipungani Channel, on the south-western area of Lamu Island. Each chalet at Kipungani Explorer has a thatched roof and is simply decorated. They all have furnished verandas overlooking the ocean. All of them have private bathrooms. Kipungani Explorer offers13 spacious and secluded chalets that sit above white sands of Kipungani Bay. Shaded by palm trees that line the beachfront, the chalets are constructed entirely from local materials, with mkeka matting floors and makuti thatch roofs. All rooms have giant, king-sized beds with all furniture handmade from local mangrove and palm woods. Each chalet has an ocean-facing veranda with local funi sofas and chairs piled with colourful cushions. The amenities include freshwater showers, flush toilets and separate dressing areas with wash basins. Kipungani Lodge Kenya beach-facing lounge bar is furnished for complete relaxation, with large driftwood furniture, hanging moon-beds and a variety of natural discoveries from the nearby shore. The dining room is beside a small tropical garden with an adjoining library offering guests a selection of novels, magazines and board games. The salt-water pool is in front of the building and offers the perfect venue for romantic sundowners. A complimentary breakfast is served every day at Kipungani. Guests can enjoy the local and international delicacies prepared at the restaurant, with an especial selection of sea food. It is possible to have a soothing session and enjoy a variety of massages. For the water sports lovers, several activities like windsurfing, sailing and fishing are also organized by the property. The sun loungers by the pool offer a relaxing spot. This idyllic beachfront lodge combines stylish simplicity and a sustainable approach with luxury, for an unforgettable Kenya beach holiday.


    Kipungani Explorer Lodge Accommodation


    Located on the soft, secluded sands of Kipungani Bay, on the southern tip of Lamu Island, Kipungani Lodge is making waves as one of the brightest new ‘finds’ in this undiscovered paradise. Kipungani Explorer offers 13 spacious bandas that sit at one end of Kipungani Bay, which is Swahili for ‘the place of fresh air’. Shaded by the palm trees that line our 600-metre beachfront, the bandas are constructed entirely from local materials, with mkeka palm floors and makuti thatch roofs woven by the residents of neighboring Kipungani; Each Luxury Banda covers an area of 36m² and is comfortably furnished with queen size beds. The Banda design and interiors is a picture of rustic simplicity, each feature an ocean-facing veranda with a local funzi sofa and chairs piled high with colourful cushions. Amenities include a freshwater shower; a flush toilet and a separate dressing area with wash basins. 13 spacious chalets cover a part of the beach front location under the shade of palm trees. To achieve its eco-friendly objective, this hotel uses local materials such as palm trees to construct bandas, and decorate the interior. The outcome is a luxurious room with an iconic coastal exterior and a modern furnished interior. You get a large bed with canopy curtains around it, some chairs and a private terrace facing the beach. Grass villas", well spaced along the 600 Meter sea frontage and have been ingeniously positioned to ensure privacy. The walls and floors are made from local grass matting has been pitched high enough to make the most of the cool trade winds. Each verandah, facing the ocean, is a private lounging area with local funzi beds and chairs piled high with colourful cushions. The ample bedroom has an oversized king size bed draped with mosquito netting. All beach bandas are furnished with specially treated mosquito nets and in addition we provide mosquito repellent coils and spray the rooms every evening. Behind the bedroom is a dressing area with a wash-hand basin and separate room for flush toilet and fresh water shower. The water is unheated, which is not a hardship when one returns hot and salty from the beach. There are no doors or windows just wide open spaces with roll down mats which let in the air and frame the lovely views of the sand and sea. Experience the magic of watching the sun go down in the horizon where the sky meets the ocean. It is a serene and quiet vacation with just the cool sounds of the waves hitting the shore on a windy night. Walk along the beach or just stand and stare into the horizon; there is no one to ask you in this 600-meter stretch of Lamu. Kipungani Explorer Resort Hotel offers the ultimate, secluded vacation paradise. The palm-thatched bandas are tucked away at the tip of a 12km stretch of deserted beach, with the ocean to the one side and a mangrove-lined channel on the other, making it ideal for romantics looking for a tranquil escape. Spend your days lounging on the untouched beaches, strolling along the shore or experiencing some of the many activities on offer. Take a trip on a traditional dhow, go on a kayak safari or experience the ocean on fishing and diving excursions. Snorkel and swim with dolphins at the Kinyika reef or walk to where the sea turtles nest. For a more cultural experience, you can also visit the historic sites of Lamu and Manda islands, visiting the museums and 14th century mosques. The beach is a magical place that delights every heart regardless of cultural or social background. Kipungani Explorer Hotel lets you enjoy a Kenya vacation along the Indian Ocean while staying in a luxurious banda (traditional chalet). The palm trees and mangrove forest in the vicinity make you long for the adventures lined up for you. Here, you can have fun until you drop because there is so much to explore If you want to go shopping, there is a gift shop on site; if you need a day of adventure, try windsurfing, kayaking, deep-sea game fishing, sailing or sightseeing.


    Kipungani Explorer Lodge Meals


    The attentive staff and spectacularly good seafood have proved a recipe that continues to entice guests at Kipugani Lodge back year after year, after all your holiday adventures, drop into Kipungani Explorer’s restaurant for an exquisite array of seafood and other cuisines, true to the popular view that the Kenya coast is a place of love, adventure and great food, the chefs in this hotel do not disappoint, they outdo themselves with every course laid before you in the awesome dining area that overlooks the ocean. You may come back to Kipugani Resort as often as you like because every time you look forward to Kipungani Explorer delicious African, Continental, a-la-carte, table d'hote and buffet dishes, which includes three delicious meals Enjoy the delectable catch-of-the-day seafood and continental cuisine. Thanks to the legacy of Eric Munyasia, himself one of Kenya’s best-known chefs (and now executive chef for the Heritage Hotels Group), the seafood is still among the finest on the African coast. Dining at Kipungani is in a class of its own, with most succulent prawns, crabs and lobsters plucked daily from the sea. For vegetarians and meat lovers our qualified internationally trained chefs will prepare perfect meals to order with the freshest ingredients flown from Nairobi or Mombasa. The sunset-facing lounge and bar at Kipungani Explorer are furnished for complete relaxation, with large driftwood furniture, hanging Swahili beds a bit like a hammock but much more comfortable and a variety of natural discoveries combed from our shores. The dining room sits in a small tropical garden, with an adjoining library offering guests a broad selection of novels, magazines, and board games. In front of the building is a horizon-touching swimming pool, which offers the perfect venue for the ultimate romantic sundowner. There are three restaurants and a coffee shop. There are also three bars with one of them staying open 24 hours a day.


    Kipungani Explorer Lodge Activities


    Activities include snorkeling and swimming with Africa’s friendliest dolphins on reefs of Kinyika and Manda Toto, waterskiing and kayaking in the sheltered Kipungani channel, sailing and sunset cruises aboard our Arab dhows. There's also barracuda fishing from the beach, dhow, or speedboat, deep sea game fishing (please book in advance), crab-catching safari excursions with expert fisherman, bird walks in and around the property and beach dunes, visits to Lamu’s historic mosques, markets and museum, the Kipugani Hotel has recently taken on the services of a full-time cultural guide, who takes visitors on day trips to the town’s bustling markets and memorable maritime museum, as well as the evocative ruins of the 14th century fort on neighboring Manda Island. More energetic visitors can partake in a host of adventurous options, including kayaking in the Lamu channel and coast-hugging voyages.


    Facilities at Kipungani Bay Hotel Lounge and deck terrace with hanging moon-beds Boats – two ‘Trojan’ motorboats for snorkeling trips and creek fishing with 60hp outboard engines and a 27ft. ‘Sesse’ canoe with a more modest 25hp outboard engine. Motorized Dhow available for hire. Swimming Pool – a 70 sq. M free-form, salt-water, deck-level swimming pool overlooks the ocean with its ingenious spill-over weir affording guests, sitting on the sunken bench in the pool, to enjoy spectacular sunset views with a seemingly never ending horizon to the sea.


    Recreational Facilities and Activities at Kipungani: Relaxation – in the cool shady areas, to read, or just admire the beautiful sunsets while swimming in the pool, in the calm sea in front of the cottages, or in the wilder surf on the other side of the sand dunes. Water sports - choice of windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, creek fishing or simply walking on the miles of unspoiled beach collecting washed up sand-dollars and shells. (Please note that shells may not be taken out of the Country, it is against the law) Use of library - For the evenings, Kipungani has a selection of novels and magazines from its library for the literary minded and for the more socially inclined a wide selection of society games. Scuba Diving - Alternatively boats can be taken to Kinyika rock during the neap tides where the scuba diving and snorkeling is equal or better than many marine parks, by prior arrangement Deep sea fishing - for marlin, sailfish or barracuda. Dhow Excursion to Lamu – to Lamu can also be arranged for an excursion into the past.


    Heritage Hotels Kenya


    Heritage Hotels’ Kipungani Explorer in Lamu, Kenya has been described as the most laid-back beach lodge in Africa” and her bandas as “some of the most glamorous beach huts in the world”. But for a destination that is trying to perfect one of the gentlest-treading ecotourism experiences in Africa, Kipungani has its sights set on an altogether more modest kind of accolade. Talking to the 300 residents of Kipungani village, living on the same island as the Kipugani Explorer resort, you get the impression that Kipungani Lodge is succeeding where so many other hotels in Lamu Island have failed – in bringing the benefits of tourism to those who most need them. In a country that is enjoying a major tourism renaissance, with international visitor numbers nearly doubling since 2001, much of Kenya’s coastal tourism continues to be concentrated on the large beach resorts around Mombasa and Malindi, which famously line the pockets of a few wealthy directors with minimal benefits to the poor fishing communities they live alongside. At Kipungani Hotel Kenya, however, these benefits are never in doubt.


    As well as employing a majority of its staff from Kipungani and nearby Mpakatoni villages, the Kipungani lodge buys all of its seafood from Kipungani’s fishermen, repairs its seven boats in their boatyards, and hires local craftsmen to weave the makuti thatch and makeka palm from which its Crusoesque bandas are constructed. Most guests make a specific point of visiting the village – a 15-minute walk through sun-dappled mangroves – where the lodge has helped to build a thriving nine-class primary school, and where it recently opened the village’s first permanent health clinic. If all this seems a bit too perfect, Kipugani’s new manager, Sebastian Chambers, is at pains to point out that the lodge is not so much an ecotourism champion as an up-and-coming challenger. “We’re just starting to get the balance right,” he says. “My predecessors, Louis and Mary Jo van Aardt were responsible for putting up the school and the clinic. Now, we’re working to consolidate on these projects by creating a more comprehensive long-term partnership with the community – expanding our local staff, giving them more training opportunities, looking for donors to fund agricultural and environmental projects that genuinely benefit the community.” Sebastian’s own background as a mechanical engineer will stand him in good stead for some of Heritage’s longer-term goals, such as running Kipungani entirely on solar and wind power.


    The Kipungani Explorer in Lamu already has several innovative ways of minimizing its environmental impact, such as using black reinforced-plastic bags for heating its shower water and planting indigenous trees to provide poles for future construction. But ultimately, the lodge’s aim to match optimal standards of visitor luxury with maximum community benefits and minimal environmental impacts continues to pose serious challenges for its managers. Already, at least, Kipungani Explorer in Lamu has proven that you do not need giant generators, imported foods, or state-of-the-art gadgets to keep your guests happy. The stunning bandas, cushion-piled driftwood furniture, attentive staff, and spectacularly good seafood have proved a recipe that continues to entice guests back year after year. Thanks to the legacy of Eric Unisia himself one of Kenya’s best-known chefs (and now executive chef for the Heritage group), the seafood is still among the finest on the African coast. Thanks to the long-term incentives and training opportunities offered by Heritage, many of the staff has been here for years – and the lodge’s guestbook bulges with praise for their natural hospitality and warmth. And thanks to its location beside a closely-knit Muslim community, Kipungani offers something that has sadly disappeared from so many other African destinations: complete security. (Indeed, at Kipungani, you can go to sleep with your screen-door open to the elements, looking out over a sea shimmering with reflected stars…) Best of all, it means that you never get hassled by ‘beach boys’ or local vendors on the 12 kilometers of soft white sand that separate Kipungani from the lively cobbled streets of Lamu’s Stone Town. The Kipungani Hotel close relations with the community also offer unique Opportunities to join local fishermen in their acrobatic attempts to catch giant crabs in the Lamu channel, as well as trips north into the sprawling Dadori reserve, where Kipungani Hotel fishermen net and sun-dry prawns for sale in the markets of Mombasa. Sebastian is currently drawing up several routes for day-long snorkeling and fishing expeditions in the Dadori archipelago, with picnic lunches and ‘dolphin dives’ en route.


    Visitors on these excursions may even get a chance to see some of Lamu’s wilder residents, which include whales and rare dugongs, as well as buffaloes and lions that have occasionally been known to venture down to the beach! As well as his practical engineering background, Sebastian brings a host of new skills to the management of Kipungani. A keen sailor and water-skier, one of his first achievements last year was to purchase a sleek new ski-boat with a 115-horsepower engine. In many ways, Sebastian was born to host: his parents, Roger and Jan Chambers, are legendary hoteliers in Kenya, the Heritage Group is one of Africa’s most established and innovative ‘safari names’. Although the company has been in the business for over 20 years, its pioneering approach has helped to set standards for the entire industry. While Heritage’s Intrepids camps (Mara and Samburu) have long been synonymous with Kenya’s best flying safaris, its Adventurers’ Club has become the continent’s most celebrated children’s club, while its flagship Voyager Beach Resort has become one of the most popular beach hotels in the Africa. Heritage’s Kenyan portfolio comprises seven properties under three distinct brands, offering a unique chance for discerning repeat guests to ‘climb the brands’. The Voyager brand offers some of the most exciting, high-value ‘beach and bush’ holidays in Africa. After the endless watersports and family activities of Voyager Beach Resort, guests can soak up the wilder atmosphere of Tsavo National Park, home to the romantic Voyager Safari Camp. The Mara is also home to Heritage’s most famous camp, Mara Intrepids, which is justly famous for its location, unrivalled game viewing and expert guiding, and newly refurbished luxurious riverside tents. Its sister camp, Samburu Intrepids, also just refurbished in 2011, offers similar standards of ‘bush luxury’ deep in Kenya’s northern deserts, home to rare antelope and large elephant herds. Intrepids visitors can now combine their wilderness safari with a more modern adventure at the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort – a beautiful lodge and leisure complex west of Nairobi, which boasts one of the most spectacular golf courses in the southern hemisphere. Guests climbing the Heritage brands will eventually find themselves in the luxurious surroundings of Mara Explorer, where the 10 secluded open-air tents, exotic furnishings and discreet staff have earned the camp accolades as the Mara’s most luxurious retreat. The camp’s sister, Kipungani Explorer, offers a secluded step back in time and a unique ecotourism experience on the mystical Arabian island of Lamu.


    Lamu Island


    Narrow winding streets make up the town, and you cannot walk for several meters without seeing several beasts of burden. In fact, donkeys make up part of the traffic on these streets because the Swahili treasure them and use them to run errands, and for transportation. The beauty of this town is unmatched. It is no wonder Michael W Smith talks candidly about the magnificence of this region in his song. Lamu Island has a history that dates back many centuries ago when traders from different countries sailed to the south coast of Kenya. One historic account mentions incidents in 1415 when Chinese ships sank in the ocean. Other communities that sailed to this and other islands are the Portuguese, Italians, Persians and Turkish traders among others. The Lamu Island Kenya on this island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Growth of this town started with several activities, some of which are extinct. For instance, it was the route of slave traders until 1907. It also grew from ivory trade. Presently, the Swahili community inhabits this region. Elements of the town’s history are visible in their mode of dressing, food, architecture, festivals and religion. The town transports you to the medieval times with unique houses that paint the town white from the coral blocks used in construction. Unlike the aluminum roofing sheets and concrete blocks in the capital city and in the rift valley, here, the theme is white and medieval. The Lamu Island Archipelago consists of several islands. Though some islands are small and not as popular as others are, they also make up this group. Major islands are:


    • Pate
    • Manda
    • Lamu

    How to Get to Lamu Take a flight from Nairobi to Manda Island, which is a short sailing distance from this location. Several airlines can get you here such as SafariLink, Fly 540 and Air Kenya. You can also fly from Mombasa International Airport or Malindi airstrip to Manda Airstrip. From Manda, a boat ride takes you to this place. A road trip takes about a whole day from Nairobi. Mombasa is about 6 hours away, and from this city to the island can be a 5 to 7 hour journey.


    What to do in Lamu


    This is the centre of adventure and romance. It is the perfect beach safari location for newlyweds to enjoy secluded access to the beach and the ocean. Families and groups also have a wealth of activities to do here. The main things to do include


    • Sightseeing
    • Water sports adventures
    • Sailing
    • Deep-sea game fishing
    • Bird watching
    What to See


    One of the must see things is the annual Maulid Festival that takes place on the streets of this town. Join locals and other tourists in this spectacular array of activities that include dhow racing, donkey racing and real African dancing and celebrations. Places of interest include: Mombassa Beach all-inclusive hotels and resorts include all the fun, adventure, and luxury that families want most, elevating the honeymoon and family vacation to world-class standards on the Mombassa, Lamu Island, Malindi, Watamu, Diani and Zanzibar Island beaches. A beach holiday provides the best family beach vacations in resorts in Mombasa, Kenya. Choosing from among all of the great Mombassa Beach hotels and resorts can be difficult. But whether you're looking for oceanfront beach ccommodations, top-notch amenities, or proximity to family activities, Beach hotels in Kenya have you covered.


    Find East Africa beach hotels and resorts located near the area's finest beaches, entertainment, shopping, attractions, water sports and restaurants. If your vacation destination is Kenya you can use the resources below to find information on area accommodations so you can make your reservation today Lamu Island Hotel reservations: we are the best resource for the lowest rates in Lamu hotels! With our guaranteed lowest prices in Kenya Accommodation you can feel comfortable knowing you're getting the absolute best deal, even for hard to find rooms on sold out dates. We use highly secure servers to ensure your information is safe. Since we specialize in accommodation in Lamu Island as we work locally to provide you with hotel discounts and cheap rates that can’t be beaten. Our carefully selected portfolio of Beach Hotels Accomodation range across several categories to offer you a wide selection of hotels, from 5 star luxury accommodation to budget backpacker hotels, apartments, motels, cheap missionary hotels, family hotels, honeymoon hotels. With our expertise in hotels in Lamu Island, quick easy booking process and low price guarantee, why book anywhere else? Thank you to our tourists who have made us the most popular website for Beach Hotels. Mombassa Hotels: Nairobi city hotels search for airport hotels. Find accommodation and hotel prices, facilities, location and other hotel details and make a reservation. To proceed with your booking at the Kipungani Explorer, simply choose your travel dates and fill in our secure online booking form


    Donkey sanctuary
    • Riyadha Mosque
    • Mnarani Mosque
    • Lamu Fort
    • Museums
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