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    Flights to Lamu Island Kenya & Air Kenya, Fly 540, Safari Link Flights to Lamu

    Lamu Island in Kenya can be reached by air from Kenya’s main airports, namely: Nairobi, Mombasa and Malindi. All flights to Lamu land on Manda Island Lamu, just across the channel from Lamu. Flights from Nairobi to Lamu are scheduled daily from several different airlines including Air Kenya, Aerolineas Regiounales, Fly 540 and Safari Link. Many of the flights from Nairobi to Lamu depart from the Wilson Airport in Nairobi and not from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, including those offered by Air Kenya and Safari Link and most of Lamu flights also have a stop in Malindi. There are two scheduled flights per day between Nairobi and Lamu. The Wilson Airport is located to the South of Nairobi .The airport serves as a border control point accommodating scheduled short haul domestic flights, international, private and charter flights. Located only 4km from the central business district of Nairobi, and boasting faster check in times and fewer flight delays than the larger Jomo Kenyatta, Wilson Airport is ideally situated for business executives for both domestic and international travel. The flight to Lamu is approximately 345 miles in distance and takes between one and a half hours to one hour forty five minutes with connecting flights being approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes between these two destinations. Lamu Airport is a small airstrip that serves flights to Lamu Island from Nairobi, Malindi and Mombasa. The airport is located on the Manda Island across the channel from Lamu Town. This is a small airport with the minimum of facilities, but does include a small duty free shop. Passengers arriving at Lamu Airport will require a ferry or boat to transport them from the island to the mainland. There are plenty of boat operators offering transfers between the island and the mainland based at the airport, making it easy. Kenya Airways currently does not fly to Lamu. This may be due to financial cut backs or the fact that the airstrip on Manda is in need of repair so the larger planes can't land at the moment. Nearest place to fly to with an 'all in' ticket is Malindi and then get the new low cost airline to Lamu and you can book this online. Or the slightly more expensive but possibly more comfortable choice is to get a flight to/from Nairobi where you have to transfer to Wilson airport and then get Air Kenya, Fly540 or Safari link flights to Lamu, for travelers from Mombasa flying to Lamu Mombasa safari air flies to Lamu but does not fly daily, for non scheduled flights to Lamu and Kiwayu on the Kenyan coast. We offer you private planes charter on your exclusive holiday to lamu. We run a air charter company based in Mombasa, Moi International Airport and Lamu Manda airport and Nairobi which can be chartered for scenic, aerial survey & photography, sight seeing, VIP Executive charters, filming flights and private charter flights’. Sometimes tourists are forced to charter from Nairobi for charters out of Malindi to Tsavo pay for the positioning and repositioning flight Nairobi which will be thrice compared to chartering from Mombasa or Malindi. Out of Moi International airport ,Mombasa you can charter 3,5,19 seater which can be used for air taxi transfers between Ukunda, Malindi and Lamu and also to Tsavo West, Tsavo East, Amboseli, Taita hills, Kilanguni, Satao, Chyullus Hills, Finch Hat tons among others.


    In Mombasa Moi International Airport you can hire a plane for sight seeing along the coastal strip, Wazini Island, Funzi Keys Island using a Cessna 172,C-82 piston single engine 3 seats excluding the pilot or PA-34 Seneca 11 piston twin engine 5 seats excluding pilot,C-206 engine 5 seats excluding pilot or LET 410 UVP E-20 twin engine 18 seats excluding 2 crew. For the Let 410 you can only charter after 1600 hrs are they are engaged to the Mombasa-Ukunda-Malindi daily service departure Mombasa at 0730 hrs to Maasai Mara and departure Maasai Mara at 13330 hrs back to Mombasa. Short air transfer Mombasa to Malindi can be done 0630am departure Mombasa or 0700 hrs pick up Malindi.Flights from Nairobi to Malindi, Lamu, Ukunda, Mombasa depart direct except Lamu and Kiwayu flights which goes via Malindi. Sometimes flights from Nairobi to Ukunda go Via Mombasa on either way inbound or outbound. You can get scheduled flights from Tsavo, Malindi, Mombasa, Ukunda, Kiwayu, Lamu, and Finch Hat tons to Nairobi Wilson Airport or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. In Malindi, Lamu, Mombasa. If you're looking for cheap flights to Lamu, Kenya, we have multiple ways to help travelers find cheap flights to Lamu, Kenya; our flight search engine finds you all the low cost flights from Nairobi Wilson to Lamu in just a few clicks. If you need to book a low cost flight to Lamu just enter the departure and arrival dates. If you want a boat waiting for you when you arrive in Lamu and a hotel room in Lamu as well as the flight to Lamu, it’s really easy. If you are not interested in a precise date, look at our flight offers this month; the flight offers from Nairobi Wilson to Lamu are really good at this time of year, if you’re looking to expand your horizons and reduce your airfare costs? Then check out these amazing cheap flights below. We offer the latest and best deals on airfares to Lamu Island and great commissions to travel agents and tour operators plus safari companies around the world, backed by our Lowest Airfare Guarantee. For those on a tighter budget a daily bus service does run from Mombasa via Malindi . This route is notorious for attacks by Somali bandits and buses have in the past been stopped and robbed. As of Oct 2009 the security situation was deemed to be OK. Armed guards are taken on board the buses for the most dangerous part of the journey close to Lamu. No incidents with buses have happened this year. The trip from Mombasa to Lamu (Mokowe on the mainland) takes 7-9 hours depending on road conditions. The last part from Garsen to Mokowe is a mud road and can be rough. Get a seat in the front of the bus (book in advance) to get a pleasant trip. Several bus companies operate the route but few are express (no unnecessary stops). Two express buses are Tawakal and Najaah. To get from Mokowe on the mainland it is possible to take the slow and crowded ferry, a shared speed boat or hire your own speed boat. All options will take you to Lamu Town. You can usually negotiate to be taken to Shela if this is your final destination. It's also possible -- but expensive -- to hire a car from Mombasa or Malindi.


    Lamu Island Airlines



    Air Kenya



    Air Kenya flies daily to Lamu one of Kenya's oldest towns on an island off the coast. A magical place of great natural beauty Lamu is steeped in history from its rolling sand dunes to the depths of the Indian Ocean's sparkling waters. Lamu's ancient culture is drawn from many sources and its long exotic tale can be read in every step down the narrow streets in the rich carvings of the heavy wooden doors and in the markets where life continues unchanged since the 14th century. Between the various islands of the archipelago‚ or along the coast‚ the main form of transport is the traditional dhow. Dhow trips to outlying islands are one of the must do activities of any visit to Lamu. One of the most incredible spectacles on the coast is the century old Maulid Festival and more recently the Lamu Cultural Festival which takes place annually. For the full‚ white-sand experience you need to go to Shela Beach‚ Kipungani Island‚ here you are guaranteed a private stretch of beach.


    Safari Link



    Safarilink operates seasonal & scheduled flights to Lamu and flights to Kiwayu on the Kenyan coast. The island archipelago of Lamu off Kenya's north-eastern coast is a hidden treasure and a romantic experience that can become a life long affair. Lamu is a place like no other a peaceful tropical island where life is lived at its own relaxed rhythm, but a place whose history is as mysterious and fascinating as the winding streets of this medieval stone town. The island itself is a beautiful place of rolling dunes and endless beaches, where tiny villages nestle among coconut and mango plantations and lateen sailed dhows ply the waters. This 14th century trading port has remained unchanged for centuries, and has a long and colourful history as a centre of Swahili culture. Most of the streets of Lamu are alleyways no more than eight feet wide, making them accessible only on foot or by donkey, and the historic seafront is a harbour for the trading dhows that still ply the waters of the East African coast. A short walk along the seafront from Lamu brings the visitor to the small village of Shela where there are several important historic homes and up market hotels and guesthouses with easy access to the nearby 6 km beach. Safari link is Kenya's premier safari airline with a network of connecting domestic scheduled services to all the best safari destinations within Kenya and across the border into northern Tanzania. From it's base at Wilson Airport, Nairobi


    Fly 540



    Fly540 is one of the first low-cost airlines to operate in Africa and started by offering flights between Nairobi and Mombasa in 2006. Since then Fly540 has expanded and now flies throughout Kenya. It operates a fleet of 7 aircraft, being 3 ATR-42-320, 1 Bombadier Dash 8-102, 2 Embraer ERJ 135 LR and 1 Bombadier CRJ-100. Fly540 do not see themselves as a Kenyan low cost airline, but rather as an African low cost airline. They want to bring the convenience of flying, and booking your flight online, to the millions of African’s who have not yet been able to afford it. Fly540 flies to the following destinations within Kenya: Mombasa, Nairobi, Floret, Kakamega, Kitale, Kisimu, Lodwar, Lamu, Malindi and Masai Mara. It flies to the following African countries: Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda. They are planning on expanding aggressively throughout Africa. Flights are available from Wilson Airport іn Nairobi. Charter aircraft can be hired in advance for drop-off and pick-up at the landing strip near center of town. Need cheap flights with Fly540? Contact us and find the lowest prices and most convenient Fly540 flight times for your travel needs. We allow you to find the cheapest flights with Fly540 without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your trip. To book a cheap flight with Fly540.


    Lamu Air



    Lamu Air provides private charters to our own landing strip on Manda Point in anything up to a Cessna Caravan. Private Charters using a King Air or larger must land on Lamu main strip and the lodge can collect from there in a boat or with a smaller Cessna.


    Our company operates in Lamu. At Manda heliport in KENYA, we offer a full range of services for general aviation. This allows us to provide a quick and efficient service and to offer a fleet of private jets and helicopters for business or leisure travel. All private jet charter flights at lamu are organized in a short handling time. For general aviation passengers at LAMU heliport, the check-in is really fast and easy, without having to pass through the normal passenger terminal. We are at your disposal if you want to hire an aircraft at LAMU heliport and we can also show you all the alternatives, so you can be sure that we can always provide you with the most convenient air charter service at LAMU heliport.


    Yellow Wings Air Services



    Yellow Wings Air Services Ltd. is an air charter company based at the Wilson Airport Nairobi – Kenya, offering leisure, safari, and corporate air charter services within Kenya and East Africa, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We specialize in an executive service for customers requiring high levels of reliability, comfort and safety when traveling around Kenya and East Africa. By putting you totally in control of your schedule, Yellow Wings can help you to make your vacation more enjoyable or your business trip more cost effective.


    Airstream Jets



    Airstream jets provide air travel service with finest jet aircraft and business jets from Lamu, Kenya and to Lamu, Kenya. Airstream Jets is the worlds most comprehensive and efficient charter jet flights service provider which gives access to wide range of charter aircraft, helicopters, business jets. Before few hours intimation Airstream Jets is able to arrange any type of jet aircraft to Lamu, Kenya or from Lamu, Kenya for any number of the number of passengers. Airstream jets have access to all type jet aircrafts like Citation, Hawker, Lear, Falcon, Challenger, Gulfstream, Global Express, Boeing Business Jet and even Jumbo Jets & all type of helicopters like Agusta 109, Bell Jet Ranger, Bell Long Ranger, Euro copter etc. Client can choose various aircraft & helicopter range. We at ASJ can arrange all your charter jet flights, helicopter, and business jets with in just few hours notice. Feel free to call our account executives to book your next charter flight in Lamu, Kenya Airstream jets have access to all type charter jets & helicopters. Client can choose various aircrafts i.e. Citation, Hawker, Lear, Falcon, Challenger, Gulfstream, Global Express, Boeing Business Jet and even Jumbo Jets & Helicopters also. We at ASJ can arrange all your private flights with in just few hours notice. Feel free to call our account executives to book your next charter flight in Lamu, Kenya Airstream jet provides charter jet on rent or lease and to be ready to depart in just few hours. Airstream jets can arrange your jet charter and air charter in Lamu, Kenya.


    Mombasa Air Safari



    Mombasa air safari has been based at Mombasa's Moi International Airport since 1974. Their offices at Mombasa and Diani Beach Ukunda Airport are open during normal business hours. Their travel agent in Malindi is Southern Sky Safaris has offices in the centre of Malindi. A private charter flight comes in handy for those travelers who have connecting flights that does not match the scheduled flights timetable. Charter flights from Lamu and Kiwayu Island can be on any of the aircraft depending with the capacity and the client’s choice and they fly at different speeds and some are pressurized and others are unpressurized. Some aircrafts are operated by 2pilots some one but if the client requires two crew then the cost of the second pilot we be paid by him/her and it is acceptable but first consider the number of people traveling and the aircraft you have hired to avoid last minute disappointments. Air charter companies in Kenya has aircraft in Lamu Manda and Mombasa C-206 5 seats in single engine in Lamu Manda and Let 410 19 seats twin engine, Caravan 12 seats single engine,PA-34 Seneca 11 5 seats twin engine,C172 3 seats single engine. The flight time one way on Let 410 Lamu to Nairobi 1 hour 25 minutes, C-172/C-182 flight 2 hours 35 minutes,PA-34 Seneca flight time 1 hour 50 minutes, Super Kingair 200 flight time 1 hour 10 minutes, Super Kingair 350i flight time 1 hour and citation Bravo jet flight time 35 minutes. With private jet charter flights you can land Jomo Kenyatta International


    Phoenix Aviation



    Phoenix Aviation is a private executive air charter company operating from Wilson Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. Opening its doors for the first time in 1994, Phoenix originally focused on the repair and maintenance of light aircraft within East Africa and air ambulance services; both of which still constitute a significant part of its business.


    We deliver quality, consistency and the highest level of professionalism to our clients. From our finely engineered aircraft equipped with the latest in safety and technology - we are the only fixed wing ISO 9001/2008 certified charter company operating in East Africa - to the superior maintenance of the fleet and training of our pilots. Phoenix Aviation makes no compromises when it comes to your safety, so all of our charters fly with two pilots and our safety certifications are unmatched in the region. We fly throughout Eastern and sub Saharan Africa, Europe and exotic destinations, such as Rwanda, Mozambique and the Indian Ocean Islands.


    Lamu Island Information



    The great blue expanse of the Indian Ocean spurns a powerful wind steadily as one waits to board a boat from the Kenyan shores of the Indian Ocean for the archipelago of Lamu. Like most people on the East African Coast, the inhabitants of Lamu are known as the Swahili—a group of people with mixed Arab and African (Bantu) ancestry. Arabs are thought to have settled on the island town in the seventh century. The old part of the town has in fact been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Other visitors to this ancient town were the Turkish, Portuguese, and Chinese. What immediately catches the eye of the visitor on arriving at Mokoye jetty on the mainland are the Swahili men, women, and children adorned in Islamic attire, patiently scanning the waters in anticipation of a dhow—a boat whose origin is Arabian and which is prevalent on the East African Coast. There are approximately 250 such boats plying between the mainland and the archipelago. Where the waves of the ocean pound against the bright sandy beaches, wooden motorized boats of ancient design glide towards the port of Lamu. These vessels have triangular white sails strapped on the poles as a backup, just in case the engines fail. These boats are laden with fish, fruit, coconuts, chickens, and all sorts of merchandise. Palm trees rustle in the hot breeze, towering prominently in the skies on the island. Dhows and motorboats are rushing to and from Lamu, loaded beyond capacity with human cargo. Architectural designs all over the island bear a heavy Arabic influence. Oceanfront buildings are constructed with coral blocks that appear to have been hand chiseled from quarries. Firmly attached to them are nicely decorated, very heavy wooden doors.


    The oldest ones bear inscriptions in Arabic. Houses here are neatly arranged and designed to allow the sea breeze to blow through the streets, thus providing some relief from the otherwise offensive heat. Lamu town has narrow streets. That, however, is no impediment to the unceasing movement of people in all directions. Walking these streets, one comes across residents clad in their traditional clothes. Men wear kanzus, (robes) and kofia (embroidered hats), while full length dresses, buibui, are preferred by the women. Donkeys—a common means of transportation in this island town, which boasts no less than two vehicles, both belonging to government officials—also compete for space in the cramped lanes. Pulling wooden carts, the donkeys thread their way through the human traffic. Donkeys here are so much cherished that they hardly sport any scar or wound, unlike their counterparts in most parts of Kenya. So important are these beasts of burden, that they are used as dowry or mahari as it known in the Swahili language. This is the part of the islands that annually hosts the historic Maulidi festivities. Other islands in this region are Manda, Faza, Kizingitini, Pate, and Kiunga. The Maulidi festival commemorates the birth of Prophet Muhammad. The religious festival is said to have its origins in Egypt. It was, however, introduced in Lamu by Habib Swalleh Jamal Lely, an inhabitant of the Indian Ocean island of Comoros who migrated to Lamu in 1866. He established a mosque in the town—the great Riyadha Mosque—and introduced an East African version of the Maulidi. To date, the climax of the annual festival, which normally takes place in early June, includes a procession from Riyadha Mosque to the grave of Habib Swalleh. The celebrations, which last for a week, are accompanied by much pomp and color, with thousands of the town’s residents, old and young, being joined by visitors drawn from as far as Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique, Comoro Island, Uganda, Somalia, and Tanzania. During this period, the town, which is known as the heart and soul of Islamic learning in the whole of East Africa, becomes a beehive of activity. Abdullah Ali Muhammad, the chairman of the Lamu Boat Association, says that during the Maulidi festivities business booms as thousands of pilgrims have to be transported from the mainland to the island. He says that around this time he can charge a total of KES40 ($0.50) per trip—an amount higher than their normal rate. Muhammad says that safety measures are put in place to ensure no accidents occur. The Maulidi ceremonies are both spiritual and cultural. The Riyadha Mosque hosts the religious ceremonies, which include overnight prayer vigils, contemplation accompanied by songs and rhythmic chanting, and narrating the life history and achievements of Prophet Muhammad. At the mosque’s square, men also stage a traditional drum dance called goma, in which they stand in line holding walking sticks. Swaying gently to the beating rhythm of the drums, they stage mock fights, using sandals as shields. Other cultural events include dhow races that are watched by many spectators, some of them on rooftops and town piers and jetties. Football matches are also organized and are a big attraction for both residents and visitors. Swimming is yet another activity that accompanies the festivities. Various Islamic schools (madrasahs) participate in calligraphy competitions, while women take part in henna design and painting competitions. A cross-country race along the waterfront also adds spice to the festivities.


    During this competition, deafening roars of applause emanate from spectators as they cheer their favorite competitors. Photographers and television cameramen click and roll their films and tapes to capture these exciting events. One of the games that require all one’s mental and physical concentration is walking a greased wooden plank barefooted, with the gaping ocean underneath. A flag is pegged at the far end of the lumber and one has to reach and snatch it from its position. Whether one succeeds or fails to detach the cloth, there is one sure destination: a spectacular plunge into the yawning ocean! Reason enough to elicit cheers, congratulations, and laughter. The most popular event attracting unequalled attention is the donkey race. Lamu’s jockeys spend a considerable amount of time practicing for this event. Riders gallop along the edge of the island town, whipping and deftly controlling their beasts of burden. They have to go through preliminary rounds before the epic final that one cannot afford to miss! A local sheikh, Abdur-Rahman Badawy, says that the various events that accompany the Maulidi festivities play a major role in preserving Swahili culture. “These activities provide us with an opportunity to bring our culture to the fore.” The National Museum of Kenya plays a pivotal role in the preservation of the rich historical tradition of Lamu. It displays a number of ancient artifacts, which attract a large number of tourists, and uses Maulidi festivities to stage events designed to encourage local skills and crafts that are central to Lamu life, such as Swahili pottery and Qur’anic recitals.


    The residents of Lamu Island are very proud of their history and traditions. In the celebration of Maulidi, they fuse together the past, the present, and the future. As a community, they hold to strong religious and cultural values. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the island is one of the few places where crime is negligible and where the people’s hospitality is unrivalled.


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