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    Palm House Lamu Island Kenya Africa & Lamu Beach Front House

    Palm House is situated near the sandy beach of Lamu Island, Kenya, the Palm House is a rental beach house near Shela Beach in Lamu, Kenya, whose architecture and interior design is influenced by Swahili style. Palm House is designed around an open courtyard with a Pemba palm. The living and dining areas look onto the courtyard and another small side garden. It is spacious, yet compact - two doubles and one triple bedroom on the first floor, one double master bedroom on the second floor, all en-suite with private balconies. The second floor has an open terrace, which leads off to a small covered baraza area in front of the fourth bedroom. This master bedroom has a Lamu four-poster bed and balconies on two sides. There is a panoramic view from the covered rooftop, with a bar, sun beds and baraza lounging area. Palm House Lamu has three staff: the resident manager will help to ensure you have everything you need, assist you with menus and also help organize local excursions. Even if you opt for the self-catering options, you don’t to cook! You just buy your food in the local market and the house cook will conjure up an excellent meal for you.


    He will bake bread, suggest menus and cook excellent international cuisine and Swahili fish dishes. Basic foodstuffs, fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit are available in the local Lamu market, while other supplies are flown down from Nairobi. Fish, lobster, crab and fresh oysters will be sold by the local fishermen at your door or can be ordered. Our kitchens are well equipped with gas cooker, fridge, deep-freeze, bottle cooler, icemaker, ice-cream machine and liquidizer. Sodas and beer can be bought locally, Wine is locally available or we can help with an order from a Nairobi wine supplier. Spirits should be brought along with you. Although beer and sodas can be bought locally, Flee winter recommends that you take your own wine or spirits. There is a good supply of fresh water from the house well for showers. There is also a water purifying plant which supplies clean water to all the kitchens and carafes are supplied in the bathrooms. Commercial bottled water is also available. Bed linen, mosquito nets and house towels are supplied. A full laundry service is provided but there are no dry cleaning services available. There is a CD player in the Palm Villa so take along your music! There is no phone in Palm House, allowing you to spend time away from the pressures of the office and the outside world. However if you want to 'stay connected' several local mobile phone companies provide services and and you can also obtain local sim cards.


    Lamu Palm House is perfectly located within the village. Step from the house to wander through the tangle of narrow sandy lanes, tall stone houses, mosques, and market stalls that make up Shela, a sleepy village whose inhabitants include gentle donkeys, weathered fishermen, the occasional beach boy and a handful of visitors. Palm House is one of 4 Private Shela Houses. Rates vary dependent on the season. Both self-catering and full board are available. This stunning Swahili style house, A mere 5 minutes walk from the beach, is designed with a tall central Pemba Island palm tree. The living and dining areas look onto the courtyard and another small tropical side garden. Like all the Shela houses, there is a panoramic view from the covered rooftop, with a bar, sun beds and baraza lounging area. On arrival at the Manda Airstrip, you will be met by our arrivals and departures manager. He will help collect your baggage, provide a porter and cart to carry it to the Manda jetty and escort you by boat to the Shela jetty. Our house staff will meet you there and escort you to your house. To make a booking and get the lowest rates online please fill-out the form on the left. Upon confirming rates and availability, you will receive an electronic invoice and a 20% deposit can then be made by credit card, paypal, m-pesa or bank transfer to confirm your booking. On receipt of your 20% deposit, Shela House Management will send you a confirmation and a statement.


    Shela Village Lamu Island


    The ancient Swahili village often spelled Shela, sits at the start of the glorious Shela beach .In some places it even more medieval than Lamu, with a few signs of modernity along it s maze-like alleyways. Ironically the pleasing authenticity is mostly due to the large and expert population, who has restored many of the old houses left to its own devices Shela, would probably be far more dilapidated. Shela's first residents were migrants from the abandoned settlement of Takwa on Manda Island. The local people speak a distinct dialect of Swahili and you can see a strong evidence of Omani ancestry in many peoples faces. Although this is something of a European enclave, with almost unseemly amounts of building going on to cater for foreign demand, its still an atmospheric place to visit and wander around and the mood is just as languorous and laid back as it's always been. There are no cultural attractions in Shela, but wandering around the village is a very amenable way to pass the time. Look out for the pillar-style Mnarini mosque behind Peponi hotel. Most people are here for the beach -this spectacular dune backed strip runs for 12 Kms around the headland, so you are guaranteed a private stretch of sand, and it's a good place to comb the beach for shells. The Indian Ocean tsunami washed away a lot of sand here, revealing some sharp but it's expected to return to normal within a few seasons. At the start of the beach is a ridiculous mock fort, which was built by an Italian entrepreneur who had lots of money but bad taste. There is no surf at Shela village because it lies at the channel between Lamu and Manda islands which makes it a prime spot for windsurfing. For traditional surfing there are real breakers at the mouth of the channel, although this is the realm of some substantial sharks. Peponi hotels water sports center runs water skiing (Ksh 8000 per hour) windsurfing (Kshs 650 to Kshs 800 per hour) snorkeling (equipment Kshs 200 per day), deep sea fishing (from US$ 200 per boat) and scuba diving for certified divers between December and march (US$ 50/90 for one /two dives, including lunch).cheaper windsurfing gear is available at talking trees village.


    Lamu Old Town is the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa. The town is characterized by its architecture, which features inner courtyards and elaborately carved wooden doors. Since the nineteenth century Lamu Old Town has become a significant centre for the study of Islam and Swahili cultures. Lamu Old Town is a World Heritage Site and has been continuously occupied for the last 700 years, unlike other Swahili settlements. The Lamu Museum is a part of The National Museums of Kenya, which helps to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the island. It is a great place to learn about what makes Lamu Island tick. Focus on the historical side of this area as trinkets are said to be overpriced. It is best to get your memorabilia in town. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy a unique beach vacation, then a holiday to Lamu Island is for you. Lamu Island is truly away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In fact, there are no roads, and the only car on the island belongs to the distinct commissioner. It is not overrun with tourists because there are no really great attractions, fancy restaurants or nightlife. This is simply a place to get away from it all. Just because it is not a tourist hotspot - that does not mean it has nothing to offer. Kenya's oldest living town, Lamu, has managed to retain much of the cultural influences from several hundred years of European, Arabic and Indian occupancy. Lamu Old Town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001 for keeping much of its original architecture, its historically and economically important seaports and its role in education for Islamic and Swahili culture. Lamu Island is part of the Lamu Archipelago, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Kenya. The culture is mostly Islamic, though it is a significant centre for Swahili culture as well. Every year it attracts many scholars and teachers who wish to gain a better understanding of the Islamic and Swahili cultures and how they coincide and co-exist to produce a distinct culture. A luxury holiday to Lamu Island will most likely include a guided walking tour of Lamu Old Town. You can visit the Old Fort and museum in the town's southern corner. The fort once served as a garrison for Baluchi soldiers, protection for Lamu merchants and a prison. It has always been and still is a cornerstone for the community. As you stroll through Lamu, you will notice that most people use donkeys for transportation or otherwise just walk. This is truly a place where the people are never in a hurry.


    Lamu Island does have some nice beaches and plenty of water-related activities such as kayaking in the mangroves to keep you entertained on your visit. Between November and March there are excellent snorkeling opportunities. During this time you may also swim with dolphins near Kizingo. Another option is to take a sailing trip on a dhow (Arabic sailing vessel). This is the main mode of transportation here. If you are up for it, consider taking a dhow to the Takwa ruins on nearby Manda Island. The Takwa ruins are pretty overgrown, but worth a trip. You can still see the ruins of homes and the city wall. Archaeologists believe it was a holy city as all the doors face Mecca and because of the existence of the mosque and pillar tomb. Lamu Island is the destination for a completely laidback add on to your luxury East Africa safari. It can serve as the sole destination for the relaxing trip you so desperately need or be combined with an exclusive Kenya safari. Lamu Island can only be reached by boat with daily flights coming to and from Mombasa and Malindi. The usual hosts of airlines have flights to both areas of Kenya, although Mombasa is the suggested route as flights are a lot cheaper and quicker. From Mombasa you need to fly to an airstrip on Manda, which is opposite the Harbour of Lamu Island. Have a look at some of these awesome Kenyan adventures for inspiration.


    Lamu Island Beach House Reservations


    Many people fantasize about beach vacations where they can sip cocktails on their private ocean-front patio or balcony, sunbathe on their own personal beach away from the crowds, and watch the beautiful colors of sunset from the windows of their very own vacation dream house. If a plush beach getaway is what you’ve been dreaming about but you thought you’d never be able to afford it, contact us today to find one of many luxury beach house rentals that are more affordable than you might think! Everyone deserves a relaxing beach holiday to escape from the stress and hassles of their daily lives. Why not take the first step towards that idealized beach vacation and check out all the available options on, a variety of luxury beach house rentals are waiting for your perusal and you can search by price, location, or amenities to find the exact vacation you’ve been daydreaming about all those long days at the office. Imagine the beauty of white sand beaches stretching as far as your eyes can see, the invitation of aquamarine waters sparkling under a dazzling sky, the feel of the warm sun on your skin, and the joy of having good company nearby. What a perfect picture! You can make this image appear in real life with a luxurious beach vacation in Lamu. From the relaxed beached of Shela, to the Manda Island, whichever beach holiday destination suits your fancy, you’re sure to find the perfect luxury beach house rental to match the gorgeous scenery. Swim, snorkel, Jet Ski, water ski, build a sand castle, surf, or just sit in the sun. Whatever your oceanfront pleasure, these beach destinations deliver.


    It’s so simple to find precisely the luxury beach house rental you desire in Lamu. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can browse the site for the ideal vacation house. Vacation rentals are the smart, family oriented and budget savvy alternative a pricey beach hotels. It’s a smart choice to stay in a vacation rental because you can stretch your dollar farther and get much more beach vacation bang from your hard-earned buck. You might be surprised at how much space you’ll get in your luxury beach house rental, including things hotels can’t offer at affordable prices, such as living rooms big enough to fit a whole family, a full sized, stocked and ready to use gourmet kitchen, and multiple bathrooms. Vacation rentals offer more flexibility than hotels in Lamu for a lot less money. In addition, you will have more opportunity for hand picking amenities to customize your luxurious beach vacation rental to your own tastes and specifications. Choose lavish options like private hot tubs or pools, beachfront houses steps from the salty sea, or high rise balconies overlooking the ocean. Maybe you’d enjoy lush gardens, soft king sized beds, oversized whirlpool bathtubs and even garden showers! With all the opulent choices in Lamu luxury beach house rentals you can make your dream beach vacation a reality.


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