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    Petley’s inn Hotel Lamu Island Kenya & Petleys Hotel Lamu Island

    An African idyll where time has stood still - with its warm welcome, gorgeous beaches and vibrant Swahili culture, the Kenyan isle of Lamu is the perfect winter getaway.--The Observer


    Petley’s inn Hotel is a beautiful and historic beach hotel that is considered the oldest hotel accommodation in Lamu presented in traditional colonial Swahili style. The inn stands along the water front near the museum 225km from Malindi. The Petley’s Hotel building is a typical 19th century colonial building with balconies and a palm-thatched roof. Petleys hotel Lamu is possibly the oldest Lamu hotel, dating back some 170 years, due to the rich history; the hotel has tried to preserve the original ancient feeling of the place. Petley's is situated at the main jetty on the seafront as you disembark from the dhows, with a good view of the sea within the Lamu pre-historic site. Petley's Inn is located on Lamu Island, 225 km from Malindi. Kenya's Lamu Island, one of her most popular beach holiday destinations, offers clear blue sea, marine parks, excellent water sports, coral reefs, monsoon winds, numerous hotels and beach resorts, family vacations, sun n sand, cultural and beach travel and more. Close to Mombasa, it is also within easy reach of Malindi, Diani and many other popular Kenya safari resort hotels. Lamu is famed for its excellent deep sea fishing opportunities, This hotel was founded in the 1940's by Percy Petley, and has been something of an institution in Lamu, centre around its popular bar and waterfront verandah.


    Petleys Inn Lamu is the perfect place for an outgoing person who wants some fun. With music played loud and beer served per order, this is one stop place for people who want to taste the other part of Lamu. Lined on the waterfront near the museum, Petley's Inn is furnished in authentic Lamu style with a blend of African and Arabic. This beautiful and historical hotel was first opened in 1946 by Percy Petley who fell in love with Lamu whilst recovering from a Kenya safari accident (an Elephant stomped on him). This old, well-known hostelry is on the waterfront near the museum on the quay side, facing Manda Island, a delightful old building furnished in Lamu style with a blend of African and Arabic. Ornately carved wood, fascinating artifacts, verandahs and terrace come together to create a restful and stylish ambience. Petley's Resort has a romantic image as an old style travelers haunt and is frequented mostly by backpackers. Petleys hotel Lamu has 11 rooms which are self contained, air-conditioned with mosquito nets, en suite bathrooms and sea view. In addition, Petleys Inn is one of the few hotels in Lamu Town boasting a swimming pool. This is a refreshing feature after a long day in Lamu’s glorious sunshine. The rooms at Petley's Inn are all en-suite with mosquito nets and air conditioning. Each room has cable TV, a mini bar and a verandah/balcony. Ornately carved wood and some interesting antique artifacts make the atmosphere at Petley's tradition and interesting. Local delicacies are served in the Petley's Inn restaurant. Freshly caught fish and sea food make up the main ingredients for the superb cuisine on offer. There is a delightful rooftop bar, giving guests a wonderful view of the ocean and quayside with cool, tropical breezes blowing in from the Indian Ocean. Baby sitting is available and a laundry/ dry cleaning Service. The staff are multi-lingual, there's a gift shop and small pool. Petley's Inn has it's own private beach on Manda Island which is nearby and is accessible by boat so that guests can go snorkelling, swimming, and sunbathing. Other excursions can be arranged by Petley's Inn to the surrounding areas including Pate Island.


    Lamu Island Information


    If you are looking to escape the crowds this summer and indulge in the simple life, look no further than the alluring island of Lamu. Nestled against the unspoilt Indian Ocean coast of northern Kenya, Lamu is exotic and secluded, a place to unwind and disconnect. Little has changed in centuries; old lamu curved doors plus there is no package holiday tourism or beach resort development. Approximately a one hour and forty minute flight from Nairobi – and what feels likes the rest of civilisation, brings you to Manda Airport, where a bopping speedboat awaits at the edge of the coast to carry you. Few tourists who arrive in Lamu have much of a grasp of Swahili. There are two phrases that you’ll hear so often within your first day on the Lamu island that they’ll be firmly embedded in your brain: “hakuna matata” (no problem) is already an international catchphrase courtesy of The Lion King; and “karibu”, the sing-song Swahili welcome that you hear everywhere on Kenya’s little Indian Ocean paradise. This small island just off the mainland of Kenya is renowned as the most authentic Swahili settlement in East Africa. Even today there are virtually no vehicles: two ambulances, two tractors and a car owned by the District Commissioner are the only alternative to donkey transport. Without donkeys Lamu would come to a standstill and as you walk down the cobbled Main Street or along the waterfront you meet whole caravans of donkeys burdened with vegetables, sand, cement blocks… ‘Off-duty’ donkeys wander through the crowds outside the old fruit market, browsing for trimmings. You will stroll the narrow alleys of the medina late at night with absolute security. Street crime is virtually non-existent in a tiny town where everyone knows each other and there is an unwritten code that travelers should be welcomed.


    Coming on holiday to Lamu Island, visitors not only chose this destination looking for an unforgettable holiday experience, they also feel attracted to the magic of the ancient Swahili culture. The numerous islands, which extend for about 100 km north of Lamu Island, are, and unspoiled African paradise: here, time runs delightfully different. The main islands of Lamu, Manda, Shela village, Manda Toto, Pate and Kiwayu are surrounded by countless smaller ones. Manda Island is situated opposite to Shela Village and there, in villas and beach huts, settles an exclusive community facing the Lamu channel. At times, elephants crossing a passage from the mainland, take advantage of the low tide and use old pathways in the island insides. The idyllic island of Manda Toto features astonishing coral reefs, ideal for diving and snorkeling. Pate island, northeast of Lamu and Manda, is the biggest island on the Lamu archipelago, and has preserved the traditional way of life and some foretime rituals. Far northeast of the archipelago the remote shores and coral reefs of Kiwayu Island are some of the best along the Kenyan coast. A few resorts offer exclusive beach bandas as splendid hideaways. Most famous in the archipelago is Lamu Island. It measures 18 km to 8 km, the whole of the island consisting of sand dunes and thousands of coconut palm trees. The magnificent town of Lamu dominates the island with it’s 12.000 inhabitants and is located opposite the airstrip of Manda Island. Shela Village in the south can be reached easily by a short boat trip or a pleasant walk from Lamu town. The attraction of this splendid laid-back fishermen’s village is the 12 km long, crescent-shaped golden beach, flanked by high sand dunes. In the western part of the island, the settlement of Matondoni is known as a centre of traditional dhow making. Kipungani Village on the other hand, is located in the southwest of the island and offers a beautiful beach and an unspoiled environment.


    A thousand-year old civilisation developed in the islands of the Lamu archipelago between the 9th and 19th centuries. Until today, the dhows keep retelling the adventures of the sailors and the merchants. And the tropical wind carries the exotic fragrances of spices and flowers to the idyllic beaches of this shining paradise. Lamu is one of the most romantic destinations in the world – a mythical place that conjures unexpected encounters full of secrets. Lamu is actually an attraction similar to none, a serene warm island where daily life is lived at its own relaxed rhythm, but a site whose heritage is just as mystical and unique just like the endless streets and roadways of its ancient Stone Town. Most of the island itself is really a spectacular place of gently slopping dunes along with many beaches, where smaller villages lie among coconut and also mango farms then Lateen dhows sail over the ocean waters. But Lamu’s big charm is its Old Town. In this particular town of Lamu living went on for a 14th century Swahili settlement, but the island has experienced many people and power, including Portuguese visitors, Turkish merchants along with the Omani Arabs. Every one left behind their label, but Lamu formulated some particular way of life, and that has in due course lived on. Lamu Island narrow streets continue to be unchanged, as well as in the trading markets and squares. All around the fort everyday living proceeds at the same rate as it habitually has been. You will find absolutely no automobiles about this specific island, while donkey plus the famous dhow continue to be the dominant form of transport. People of Lamu are exceptional believers in traditions as well as custom, which make it strong society built on regard to the background. For the visitor, Lamu is really a hypnotically amazing adventure, fashioned a lot more pleasant by the relaxed and welcoming conduct of the locals.


    To vacation to Lamu is to enter yet another world, additionally; the vacationer sees themselves growing to be a member of this life. Daily life re-adjusts, and long days are taken strolling along the waterfront, exploring the town or laying back over the beaches. Dhow safaris can get you past Lamu in to the surrounding archipelago, where remote villages, ancient spoil and a couple of luxurious and even exclusive beach resorts lie buried between the islands of Manda, Siyu, Pate and also Kiwayu. Lamu is a ideal location for beach holidays that has a difference, a totally unique vacation spot which remains for an extended time in the minds of all people vacationing in. The island, off Kenya’s north coast, is often a place of wonderful elegance, having extensive deserted beaches dotted with rolling sand dunes and the turbulent waters of the Indian Ocean. The actual destination here is the islands’ fascinating history, a lengthy as well as incredible story which fortunately dates back into the 14th century. Lamu is promoting a culture drawn kind a lot of resources, plus in the streets and markets with the old city, life continues unhurried and unchanged by exterior influences. A brief history of Lamu was created from the terrific trade routes on the East African Coast, as well as the sea remains a fundamental portion of life to the island. Dhow Safari; the rich waters of Lamu are undoubtedly crossed by great numbers of typical lateen sailed Dhows. Such crafts are an integral part of lifestyle within the island. Every day got sailing for a Dhow an exceptional feel and a noticeably wonderful tactic to check out the spot. The calm waters around Lamu are best for sailing, and also the adjacent islands are worthy of seeing because of their modest fishing neighborhoods, historical spoils and desolate beaches. After the day trip over the ocean waters, you cruise backwards to Lamu town as the evening sun gets the ocean to gold. Even longer Dhow safaris throughout the full Archipelago may also be organized. Many hotels and also guesthouses, and likewise private Dhow captains, can a day trip using a dhow. Scuba diving and snorkeling; Exclusive Dhow cruises from Lamu often tour great snorkeling sites and give diving accessories. Usually there are some great dive spots to be found about Lamu and the regional archipelago. Diving is pretty fresh to the region, so the good news is that there is a tremendous option of excellent spots expecting to get discovered by the daring scuba diver. Big game fishing may also be booked at Manda Island or simply by a handful of hotels or resorts within Lamu from the fishing season of December to March. Kenya’s significant coastal game fish encompass Sailfish, Wahoo, Marlin, Kingfish, Horse Mackerel and the like.


    Lamu is the place just where exploration produces an abundance of adventure, whether inside the endless avenues of the Old Town as well as on board a dhow on the large ocean. Bird Viewing; Usually the Kiunga Marine Reserve around Lamu is a major retreat for water birds and also pelagics, including the Sooty Gull, White Cheeked Tern, Brown Noddy, Bridled Tern, Roseate Terns many Crab Plovers. Dhow Racing; On January 1st, the locals of Lamu rejoice in the coming of any New Year by having a Dhow Race. This is a vital yearly festival over the island. Lamu Dhow constructors are viewed among the better on the coastal region, and this also is really a culture made by sea and Dhow sailors. Lamu can be a spot with unique attributes, a calm tropical island exactly where every day life is comprehended at a relaxed cycle, yet unfortunately a destination whose history is very mystical and fascinating more so like the winding streets of its very own old Stone Town. This tropical isle is an incredible dotted with raising and falling dunes and then endless beaches and resorts, where little villages tucked away amid coconut and mango farms and lateen sailed dhows ply the coastal waters. Lamu’s significant attraction is actually the Old Town. The town of Lamu was born in the form of 14th century Swahili colony; however the island has received countless travellers and influences, among them Portuguese explorers, Turkish merchants and the Omani Arabs. All leaving their particular image, however Lamu developed a unique customs and way of life, which has in the end came through the ages. Lamu’s winding streets remain unchanged, as well as in the market places on top of that squares around the fort. Life is at precisely the same rate as before. There won’t be automobiles on this island; in this case the donkey as well as dhow continues to be the prominent method of travel. For that vacationer, Lamu can be a fascinating and impressive adventure, crafted to be far more pleasurable through the easy as well as vibrant perceptions from the local people. To check out Lamu should be to another world, and the traveler has themselves growing to be a part of this world. Dhow safaris can take you beyond Lamu to the adjacent islands, where by isolated villages, historic ruins and some lavish and exceptional resorts are laying concealed one of several islands of Manda, Siyu and Pate together with Kiwayu. To view the nearby island destinations of Manda, Pate or maybe Siyu, perhaps consider an arranged Dhow Safari or join a trip for a moving dhow for exciting adventure. Also, it is possible to use donkeys to trip throughout the island. Mainly travellers to Lamu come to have the special culture and historical past of this island. On the other hand you can also find opportunities for wildlife fanatics to visit. The Palm woodlands and swampy regions of the island are perfect destinations for tracking down coastal birds along with other birdlife. About the areas of beach shore, many crabs sometimes appear, normally brimming over the fine sand in big host. For the dry mainland facing Lamu, you will find there’s stunning variety of wildlife in the Dodori Reserve, like Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. The mangrove channels within Lamu are likewise perfect for birding and you can come across occasional crocodile. Holidays to the section could be prearranged from Kipungani on Lamu. Lamu is best accessed on air travel.


    There are actually daily flight schedules via Nairobi, Mombasa, Diani Beach and even Malindi. This island is serviced by an airstrip on the adjacent Manda Island. Currently the strip is sometimes utilized by personalized aircrafts. The winding streets of the towns might be best visited by walking. Shela village and the beaches are frequently available by foot. However dhows often carry passengers back and forth from Lamu town on the way to Shela. Lamu is an ideal place to find unique coastal handiwork. Lamu is known for its sculptures, whose forte are the popular crafted Lamu Doors, Furniture pieces, signboards and even Swahili cases, delicately carved and inlaid with brass, copper or possibly marble work. Such vary in dimension up from small jeweler boxes and also significant boxes. In the same manner styled candle holders and other wooden things are usually for sale. Something every tourist into the coast has to spend money on can be a kikoy or khanga. These types of customary cloths are actually donned as a wrap around garment by both men and women on East African coast, much like the sarong of South East Asian countries. The kikoy is usually a vivid, often striped and additionally knotted tassles on every hem. The khanga is bigger, more uniquely patterned and in addition customarily imprinted with Swahili proverb giving a pearl of traditional information. These types of outfits happen to be identifiable with the Kenyan coast, and their fabrics are frequently adapted into clothes, table linens, bed linen, and almost everything else imaginable. Your khanga as well as kikoy is perfect for the beach and will possibly be worn or chosen as a beach towel, or even both. Lamu can also be the place to find superb tailors, who are able to make outfits from traditional fabrics quickly and cheaply, made to order. Well-known cuisine fascination found in Lamu is sea food, as there was plenty offered, that includes excellent fish, crabs, lobster, oysters and more. Additionally, there is a good amount of unique exotic vegetables and fruits. There exists a choice of dining establishments throughout Lamu town. Numerous resorts currently have their very own eating places. Lots of cater for Swahili Cuisine, a traditional blend of Arabic as well as African cuisine. Swahili cuisine usually is slight with seasonings made out of some thick coconut sauce, and seafood grilled using cloves plus cinnamon. Lamu can be well-known for its locally produced Yoghurt. Privately rented apartments normally have a cook on location, which’ll purchase ingredients and even make delicacies according to your personal preference. Make your beach hotel reservations for hotels in Lamu. We have the largest list of hotels on the website, with the best prices and maximum availability guaranteed. Thanks to this huge selection of Lamu Island hotels, you will be able to choose the hotel in Lamu which best suits your requirements; you will see the latest photos as well as the specific features of every hotel Lamu. Take advantage of the exclusive additional information that we have made available, seeing as we have found hotels in Lamu. Check the availability in a hotel of Lamu for the dates you to travel. Mombassa Beach all-inclusive hotels and resorts include all the fun, adventure, and luxury that families want most, elevating the honeymoon and family vacation to world-class standards on the Mombassa, Lamu Island, Malindi, Watamu, Diani and Zanzibar Island beaches. A beach holiday provides the best family beach vacations in resorts in Mombasa, Kenya. Choosing from among all of the great Mombassa Beach hotels and resorts can be difficult. But whether you're looking for oceanfront beach accommodations, top-notch amenities, or proximity to family activities, Beach hotels in Kenya have you covered. Find East Africa beach hotels and resorts located near the area's finest beaches, entertainment, shopping, attractions, water sports and restaurants. If your vacation destination is Kenya you can use the resources below to find information on area accommodations so you can make your reservation today. First off there is no night life in Lamu Island. It is a strict Muslim culture and no alcohol can be consumed in view of the public. Therefore, there is no alcohol in any Muslim run hotels & restaurants, although they do amazing fresh fruit juices. So no bars or clubs anywhere. You can get a beer at Petley's Inn hotel on the sea beach front near the jetty, but they quite often run out of spirits. At night the bars upstairs in Petley’s resort is open til late and quite lively with music but no frills ie no food not even a peanut! Only a couple of hotels have bars, i.e. Palace Hotel and Jannat House hotel.


    Whispers cafe in the street behind Palace hotel has wine but they close at 9pm, although there is talk of a new restaurant opening there soon. There is a Friday night local disco at the Civil Servants HQ playing reggae (Bob Marley is very much alive in Africa) and R'n'B but be sure to take your mosquito repellent! In Shela, at the other end of the island, you can join the jet set and watch the sun go down with an 'Old Pal' cocktail on the terrace of Peponi's. Altho' if you are staying in Lamu town don't leave it too late to return as it is more difficult (tho not impossible) to get a boat to take you after dark. A nice thing to do is organize your own beach party; get the local guys to help with food, drinks, a fire and drums. Very few places in Lamu Island would say no to alcohol. People think by saying no to alcohol they will loose business. This is a fact because there is no search done to guests entering the houses and people end up hiding alcohol to their rooms. Beer bottles are found in every guest house. People have to be more open. Lamu Island Hotel reservations: we are the best resource for the lowest rates in Lamu hotels! With our guaranteed lowest prices in Kenya Accomodation you can feel comfortable knowing you're getting the absolute best deal, even for hard to find rooms on sold out dates. We use highly secure servers to ensure your information is safe. Since we specialize in accommodation in Lamu Island as we work locally to provide you with hotel discounts and cheap rates that can’t be beaten. Our carefully selected portfolio of Beach Hotels Accomodation range across several categories to offer you a wide selection of hotels, from 5 star luxury accommodation to budget backpacker hotels, apartments, motels, cheap missionary hotels, family hotels, honeymoon hotels. With our expertise in hotels in Lamu Island, quick easy booking process and low price guarantee, why book anywhere else? Thank you to our tourists who have made us the most popular website for Beach Hotels. Mombassa Hotels: lamu hotels search for airport hotels. Find accommodation and hotel prices, facilities, location and other hotel details and make a reservation. To proceed with your booking at the Petley's Inn Resort, simply choose your travel dates and fill in our secure online booking form


    Lamu Island Hotels Reservations


    Lamu Island is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Kenya Coast. The long sweeping pristine beaches are a major attraction as is the tropical weather, with an average of 300 days of sunshine to enjoy. In Lamu Island you can snap up a bargain by looking for beach hotels or holiday homes which are right on the beach. Visitors to Lamu beach will find no shortage of trendy, fun, comfortable and attractive beach hotels. Many of them are very expensive, but even if you are on a budget there are some great cheap hotels options for you. We will introduce you to some nice but inexpensive cheap lamu hotels. These hotels have style, fun activities, modern amenities, and locations near the Lamu beach and you can stay without breaking the bank. To find your perfect cheap beach hotel in Lamu, use our quick search to select cheap beach hotels' from the accommodation type, then select the region and click "GO", or browse the listings below.


    Looking for somewhere interesting to stay? We as lamu hotels experts offer many interesting alternatives to hotels. Self-catering facilities make it easy to look after your family without having to get every meal from a restaurant. Go ahead; find your perfect escape now. Cheap hotel accommodation in Lamu beachfront is just a phone call away as we offer affordable rates for beachfront lodging, suitable for travelers or a family holiday. Perfectly positioned on the Golden Lamu Island beach is a great base for holiday makers and water sports teams


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