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    Beach House Lamu Island Kenya Africa & Lamu Beach House Shela Village

    Beach House is one of the most breathtaking in Lamu Island, with a location directly overlooking the channel, a horizon pool that makes you wonder where the water ends and the view of the sea begins. The rooms have their own balconies and an uninterrupted view of the Indian Ocean. A large cool beach front house for twelve to fourteen (12 to 14) people with four double rooms and one dormitory style quadruple, all ensuite.


    On the first floor, raised above beach level, there is a stunning, edgeless fresh water swimming pool. It has a bar area and low comfortable baraza seats. Up the first flight of stairs is a large dining and living room, leading out onto an alfresco terrace, shaded by huge entwined acacia and baobab trees. Another door leads onto the wooden deck above the pool – a perfect dining area – and to two double bedrooms with their own private terraces. The third floor comprises two double bedrooms plus a children’s room with 4 large Lamu four-poster single beds and an open terrace with space for sunbathing. From the rooftop with its bar, lounge and two swinging beds you can enjoy panoramic views of the whole Lamu channel, watch the fishing dhows return, dolphins pass and the moon rise.


    On the hilltop, in the dunes behind Beach House, one can enjoy sitting in the gazebo with a stunning view of the Indian Ocean and the shoreline of the neighbouring Kitau on Manda Island. Our guests do not only enjoy this pavilion during sundown hours. Being self-contained and exclusive, the experience is one of staying in an opulent yet tasteful personal Beach House Lamu Island, where you can lounge around and read a book, swim in your own private pool and enjoy the fresh seafood as if you owned the place. The house staff are extremely friendly, helpful and capable and bar an indication of which seafood delicacy you would like to sample next, will look after you discreetly and unobtrusively.


    They will look after meals, give you information about what there is to do and how to get around (there are no cars on Lamu) and generally make your stay a thoroughly pleasant one. There's a lot to do on Lamu but it will only take you a day or two to realise that you don't have to feel guilty for just kicking back and relaxing. Lamu's a Muslim town and it's worth remembering that alcohol isn't readily available here. You can have a pleasant sundowner on the terrace of the nearby hotel, Peponi, and one or two other places but most guest houses and hotels don't actually serve alcohol. You can however bring your own with you.


    Lamu Island Information


    The Lamu Archipelago is a chain of seven islands and multiple islets separated from the mainland of Kenya by a narrow channel. The larger islands include Lamu Island, Manda Island, Manda Toto, Pate Island and Kiwayu. The archipelago is rich in historical and archaeological sites including Takwa and Manda Town on Manda Island, Shanga on Pate Island, and the fort built in 1812 on Lamu itself. The mainland and the inland sides of the islands are fringed by dense mangrove forests, while the seaward sides are protected by reefs and lined with dunes. Throughout the archipelago there are numerous fascinating historical sites, evidence of a rich and often violent past. Most of these settlements are Arab in origin and started as small trading stations.


    The Arab colonies grew and blended with the local people, creating a distinct Afro-Arab culture known as Swahili. The Beach of Lamu Island is a 12 km long stretch of beautiful sand which is unprotected by a reef, unlike the other calmer beaches in the area. The town is a living monument to its past. The old houses are built with walls of coral two feet thick, with a series of alcoves about ten feet wide, rather than actual rooms. Many homes are three stories high, opening up onto a flat roof where much of the community gathers. The very narrow streets contribute to the intimate village feeling, leading to the main street where you will find every type of craftsman, grocer and herbalist selling their wares. The fort is the epicentre of the town. Originally built for Omani invaders in 1812, it later became a prison, and in its latest incarnation, is now a cultural centre operated by the museum.


    The Lamu Museum on the waterfront houses an unrivalled collection of Swahili artifacts, jewellery and crafts. It houses the famous siwa–ceremonial horns. It also has a collection of sea going vessels and marine tackle, including an impressive model of the rope sewn vessel known as mtepe. A 45 minute walk from the town (or 15 minutes by motor boat) brings you to the sleepy village of Shela, a balmy 12km stretch of shining sand next to the idyllic sea. Discover beautiful beaches, glorious seascapes, ancient ruins, and fishing and scuba havens. Lamu is an intoxicatingly exotic experience, where you are welcomed by the locals. Travelers here are entranced by the slow moving, romantic pace of life. We hope you will choose Lamu Vacation Rentals to make your next vacation at the beach as easy, relaxing and wonderful as possible. We are traveler's source for Lamu Island beach house rentals.


    We offer a variety of homes including vacation homes, beach cottages, luxury estate rentals, beach homes, wedding locations, honeymoon getaways, corporate housing and temporary housing. We have been offering Lamu Island beach houses for many years. Whether you are looking for a vacation home for your family, a family friendly home, a romantic hideaway, a wedding location or a corporate relocation home near the beach or oceanfront, we are here to help you find perfect beach house in Lamu for your upcoming vacation. We take great pride in providing our customers with top quality homes that are newly renovated, modern, beautifully landscaped and extremely clean. Our friendly staff has a vested interest in making sure you are very satisfied with your stay.


    We offer competitive rates that vary with the season - check out our beach houses in Lamu Island to start your vacation! We are committed to making your stay a personalized one, meeting the needs of all our guests from large families to small groups or intimate getaways. Please look through our growing inventory of deluxe Lamu Island cottages and beach front condos, many with some of the area's most spectacular views. We have short term vacation rentals, corporate housing and specialize in wedding and special events as well as property management. All of us at Lamu Island Rentals are dedicated to catering to your individual needs and tastes, making your vacation to Lamu and accommodations in our luxury homes most memorable. We have a wide variety of beach vacation rental destinations. If you have been searching for a high end, luxury vacation rental on the beach, then Lamu Island Vacation Rentals and Property Management has the selection of vacation properties you have been looking for. We meticulously select properties to insure the quality on every level and rest assured, every description and photo listed on our rental properties is accurate.


    Lamu Beach House Booking Information


    As Lamu holiday and accommodation experts we specialises in luxury holiday packages to the best islands, beach lodges and resorts in Lamu Island. Lamu is one of the top beach holiday destinations in Africa. Our website is full of great vacation special deals and travel packages to beautiful destinations within Lamu Island, our holiday accommodation options include a diverse range of private islands, luxury resorts, hotels, lodges, beach safaris and yacht charter sailing holidays to suit all tastes and budgets.


    Flights to Lamu Island depart on regular basis, this allows us to tailor make anything to your needs. Whether you interested in a romantic honeymoon holiday, a scuba diving adventure, snorkeling, sailing, deep-sea fishing, fly fishing vacation, a yacht charter or anything in between, Lamu Holiday Accommodation will build your holiday around your exact needs. Also if your dreaming of an idyllic honeymoon resort, your romantic retreat from the rest of the world, does an overwater beach bungalow perched above the turquoise ocean sound like your idea of paradise? If so, you’re not alone; our beach bungalows are incredibly popular with loved-up couples and if you’re headed on a tropical holiday, they’re practically a honeymoon staple. Set on stilts above the ocean, the lamu beach bungalows offer privacy, great views and the fantastic experience of stepping straight down from your terrace into the Indian Ocean.


    Everything about them whispers ‘tropical paradise’ – after all, you’d never find them in the UK or United States and if you did, you’d hardly want to stay in one. So, where do you find these idyllic rooms? The Lamu Island is the hottest destination for beach bungalows and beach houses with many resorts offering a mix of traditional beach rooms and suites and beach front accommodation. If your heart is set on a honeymoon to Lamu on stilts, but your budget won’t permit two weeks of beach house, you could always split your stay. Book a Lamu beach hotel for the majority of your stay and Lamu beach house for three or four special days at the end of your Lamu trip.


    This gives you the best of both worlds and hopefully spares a few pennies in the process. Welcome to Lamu Island Accommodation, We have activities and accommodation in Lamu for everyone. From scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, sunset cruises, dolphin tours to tailor made Lamu holiday packages. Our accommodation includes everything from camping, self catering, bed & breakfast, house accommodation, Lamu hotels to luxury lodges in Lamu Island.


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