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    Baobab House Lamu Island


    Baobab House is the perfect beachfront beach house for a peaceful beach vacation surrounded by nature. Wake up to the sound of African bird songs; swim in the warm Indian Ocean; walk on miles of sandy beach, where you will rarely encounter people. Relax under the baobabs and watch the sun setting over the dunes. Previous guests have read more

    Stopover Guesthouse Lamu Island


    Stopover Guesthouse Lamu Island

    Stopover Guesthouse is a budget guest house located in Shela Village on the island of Lamu; Stopover Guesthouse is one of the first places you'll notice as you arrive by boat into Shela. Situated at the water's edge, it commands stunning views across the Lamu harbor, Manda Island, the Indian Ocean and beyond. Built in traditional white coral stone read more

    Petley’s inn Hotel Lamu Island


    Petley’s inn Hotel is a beautiful beach hotel, considered the oldest hotel accommodation in Lamu, the Petley’s Hotel building is a typical 19th century colonial building with balconies and a palm-thatched roof. Petleys hotel is possibly the oldest Lamu hotel, dating back some 170 read more

    New Lamu Palace hotel


    New Lamu Palace hotel

    New Lamu Palace hotel is a luxury beach resort constructed in its traditional Arab architecture overlooking the romantic Lamu Port and Manda Beach, New Lamu Palace hotel quaint hotel is situated at the pulse of the Lamu town. New Lamu Palace Hotel is ideal for families on family holidays that put a premium on a location; the New Lamu Palace Hotel sits read more

    Lamu Island Destinations

    Shela Village Lamu Island


    Shela beach on the north end of Lamu is a beautiful stretch of white sand and tiny bits of sea shells. Snorkelers and divers can explore the diverse Indian Ocean reefs up close, while those who don’t want to get wet can enjoy the unique experience of sailing in a dhow. Shela Village is located about 3km south of Lamu Town in Kenya and although being only about read more

    Manda Island Lamu Island


    Manda Island is an island of the Lamu Archipelago of Kenya, known for the prosperous 9th century ports of Takwa and Manda town. The Manda Island is now linked by ferry to Lamu and is home to Manda Airport, while Manda Toto Island lies to its west. The island is separated from the mainland by the narrow Mkanda channel. read more

    Kiwayu Island Lamu Island


    Kiwayu Island is a small island in the eastern part of the Lamu Archipelago, situated in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. The main economic activity is fishing, and there is one school, no clinic and one well on the island. The main attractions for tourists on Kiwayu are the tidal pools and snorkeling/diving pools located on the eastern side of read more

    Lamu Old Town Lamu Island



    Lamu Old Town gives tourists fascinating glimpse into a nearly-forgotten world, being the best-preserved and oldest Swahili settlement along coastal East Africa, this UNESCO World Heritage Site, about 250 kilometers north of Mombasa in Kenya, you’ll find a warren of narrow streets read more

    Lamu Island Accommodation

    Lamu Island Hotels


    Lamu Island Hotels

    Here in Lamu Island we offer a wide range of Lamu hotels and we ensure you select the best Lamu beach hotel in the right destination, we provide budget and luxury accommodation Lamu and feature hotels and resorts in Lamu in various categories. Get yourself a great deal in any of the featured 5 Star Hotels in Lamu, 4 Star Hotels in Lamu and 3 Star Hotels in Lamu read more

    Lamu Villas and Cottages


    There are a many Lamu villas open to you when booking your holiday home, such as beach cottages or apartment rentals and bed and breakfasts options too, We offer self catering bandas, beach homes, beach apartments, beach cottages and beach villas located all over Lamu Island. Our properties are all of an extremely high standard & most are read more

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